AR15 Picatinny Punisher Cover With Support

by gwidgery Jun 23, 2015
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You might want to add a hole dead center on the sidewalls to hold the cover in place. That way you don't have to sandwich it between 2 other rail covers to prevent it from sliding.

If you dial the percentage of shrink in just right it is more of a press fit onto the rail, and has some interaction with the picatinny itself. I did this so there isn't any hardware involved at all.

how much did you shrink it down? percentage wise.

If I remember correctly, they are set at 102% to account for shrink of the ABS.

Thanks, this fit great. However I was hoping I might be able to get a dxf file from you with the profile of the cover so I can extrude it out longer in my CAD (rhino) and customize other logos for other guys in my unit. Any chance of that? I cant seem to figure out how to take and stl and make it editable in rhino.

BTW, .STL's are kind of garbage for CAD files. I also attached the Solidworks files to the blank part as well. The profile is not setup to account for shrink in the part when it cools, so you may need to play with the scale when you go to print it. It may be a tight fit if you don't increase the size just a tid bit.

I'll post a .DXF in the blank version ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1266168 ). If you use makerware to print them, you can add any other cad file into the assembly and drag it onto the surface, scale it, and print it as for customized logos. Also, you may want to check out my tactical chew can mount... ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1265076 ) Let me know if the dxf's don't work for you. Post some pics if you end up printing any.

Blank AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover
Tactical Chew Can Storage for Picatinny Rail

It worked, but it did not include the supports, and idea if that's available to put in there, I can draw them but was not sure what you used for dimensions, they snapped off perfect and I want to replicate that, I am new to 3d printing, old to cnc machining.

I'll post a pic of the support dimensions in the blank cover part I used as they may change in length and width. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1266168

Blank AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover

do you have a rail cover without a logo uploaded?

the .thing file contains 2 serperate pieces when opened with makerbot desktop, just delete the punisher logo from the assembly and print it.

and if you dont use makerbot desktop?

Gosh, do you want me to tie your shoes too?


Blank AR-15 Picatinny Rail Cover

Nice one, but is a little to big for the rail on my 590a1 ;-)

I strive for perfection in all my various trades! LoL Thanks!