Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Music box in the wind : weathervane

by magic_mushrooms Jun 23, 2015
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Hello, I have uploaded a different version of the gear and the wormgear after reading a comment. It is possible that the design changes again to improve the final version. Thank you all for your comments and advice

nice idea, i like it.
i do have one suggestion though, at the moment it looks like a prototype, functional but not pretty. As a garden ornament i think ideally it should work as a piece of sculpture as well as making a pleasing sound. im not suggesting u make a casing to hide the works, i really like the striped down look, where u can see the mechanism, but perhaps the individual components could have a more sculptural quality to them and relate to one another in form as well as function.

wood be good see it in 3d, if u could upload an STL of the assembled weather vane.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Indeed, this is just a first modeling to visualize my ideas. The design and shape of the pieces will certainly change when I start to print. At the moment I finish printing the propeller for my wind turbine :-) Anyway I'll consider your advice. Thank you a lot. I will post you soon complete STL file. Read you soon

Have you printed this already? Im seriously wondering if this is going to work...
The fans shape dont look like they're going to work very well.. because they aren't proficient at all.
Also the gears teeth aren't really resembling any conventional gear teeth, which means they'll either won't work or result in a lot of friction.

Hello , this is a project I've only model. I have not printed yet but I already did some testing with wormgear like I've already made. When I will realize, I'll share my comments and I will post pics like for my other designs. If necessary, I would make changes to progress because it is the goal of this summer challenge.
At the moment I finish printing and assembly of my Darrieus propeller but I would make regular updates for all my projects.
Thank you for your comment, I'm still a beginner in 3D modeling and printing, but I will listen with interest your advice if you have any.

Small PLA blades make a funny song but if you want to have a sound ressamblant a music box you can use an aluminium soda bottle for example :-)