Fully Printable Fishing Rod

by CaseyJohnson Jun 24, 2015
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It is 3d printing. Why do you need to create a pipe and cap for it?
just do it monolite.

Thats amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trash. The assembly .stl file has one part 2 layers above the rest.

Waste of time

Is there a recommended layer height?

you're absolutely right this rod is trash

whole rod setup will be 350$

that rods gonna snap when a big fish comes no flexibility

I'm buying a 180$ rod at least you can land nice 80 lb fish on that

you can carry it in your backpack

Why don't you spend 10 dollars and buy a 2 piece rod huh

Jesus... obviously it was a proof of concept. Why feel the need to make 8 whole comments?

What should you put for infill for the rod/ parts?

So, How long does it take to fully print the rod?

i resized it to fit my 100mm printer, but the outcome is for the trash,
any idea how to fix this issue? Great Design thanks

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Love the design. My 13 year old will love it down by the creek.

I have a suggestion for the end cap. The current design requires a screw driver or coin to remove. That is just something extra you need to remember to bring. I personally don't hike with coins or screwdrivers. I recommend you extend the end of the cap so it sticks out then enlarge the extended end so it is flush with the rod. This will allow the user to turn and open without tools. Similar to a less tall version of a bolt I produced on this project: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2222961.

Hitch Cover Pin

I love this haha totally printing one. My father in law already gives me a hard time for using sparkle nibbles, can't wait ti see what he says when i bring this bad boy on our next fishing trip.

Theres not really any instructions, how do you attach the line? is that what the hole through the reel is for? Thanks!

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Designed a tip-up holder for this rod: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1371874

Ice Fishing TipUp
by ikidd

Designed a tip-up holder for this rod: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1371874

Ice Fishing TipUp
by ikidd

I suggest adding a wrist strap or a hole for one at the end so that the fishing rod doesn't go flying out of your hand when you realize you catch something
Really neat tho. Props

You should add a hole at the end so one can stick a piece of wood in to lengthen the rod.
Add some line guides (that could be attached to the piece of wood) and it would be a super handy and small "travelling" fishing rod.

Check this out for a traveling size reel with guids to put on a stick. It fits in a little mint can!


altoids fishing kit "sunfisher"

What infill did you use?

Thanks for the nice project. The end cap is not flat on the file so it prints in mid air. I had to use support to take care of that.

It should be. But if not make sure you lay it flat with the 3d software you are using. No support needed

what does support do/ help with?

normally things that hang over this would make the print come out better depending on the print.
This might explain better: https://www.3dhubs.com/knowledge-base/supports-3d-printing-technology-overview

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Comments deleted.

Awesome design! Thanks for sharing!

Have tried 3 times to print this, only to have Cura completely crash and trash my print partway through each time. Need to look into why.

Try running it through an stl fixer like Netfabb or using a different printing software. I haven't had any issues but I use Repetier Host

I hate fishing but this makes me want to fish.

Really neat design

Thank you for this model! I have just finished printing it. Too bad I downloaded this file yesterday, as you made a pretty nice upgrade to it today!

Dude that is so cool we just got a desktop maker not and I thing I will do something like that