Servo driven ball raced & geared pan/tilt

by Lekkybits Jun 26, 2015
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Lekkybits -

Just wondering is you could make the CAD/Fusion 360 files available so I could change a few little things for a project thanks.

cheers for your work

Hi Tom,

The file was drawn in Tinkercad.
I can export the files as .OBJ.

Would this work for you?

Have figured out how to edit STL files in Fusion 360. Thanks again for your work.

hello cigp what do you mean the files is on line??????

hello, i wanna remix it for being able to be run by stepper motors or alternative shafts. can i have design files?

Hello cigp.

The files posted for download are the only ones I have.

They were designed in Tinkercad, so STL is the format they've been downloaded in.

Was there a particular file format you wanted?

I can't remember what other file download options Tinkercad allows.

Hi SniperBEAST.

I only print in abs, so am unable to offer any pla advice.

Any tips for printing this in PLA instead of ABS?

Hey Lekkybits

Thanks for a nice pan-tilt!

I have one question... on the top right of the first picture, there is a part on the tilt head that I am confused about. The tilt head has 4 mounting holes on it, two on the left base, and two on the base on the right. In the picture it looks like the tilt head consists of two parts.

Then there is a stl file of the assembled unit and it does not have the right hand base. Here is looks like the tilt head is missing a part. As far as I can tell, there are no stl files of this part. Am I right? If I am right, can you upload a stl file for this part?


Sorry to bother you....I figured it out. It is the shaft_flat.

Hi ClarkS48

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
I'm glad you figured it out.

I hope you enjoy the design!

Kind regards,


This is a fantastic design! I was about to design something very similar, but you've saved me a ton of work :) One of my big complaints about almost all servo driven P/T designs is that they rely on the servo itself to support all of the weight. These designs might work fine for small CMOS/CCD cameras in gentle applications, but servo gears are easily stripped when subjected to heavier loads, or any kind of shock. I cant wait to get this printed and assembled!

Thank you Bdillahunty.

You've just highlighted the exact reason I designed this model!
I hope you enjoy the end results.


I hope you dont mind, I made a few modifications for my application. I wanted to be able to get 360* pan using a 6T winch servo, and have it mounted on two sides of a project enclosure, with the servo and pan gearing inside. I haven't had a chance to print or test it yet, but if you have any comments or tips, I'd love to hear them! Thanks again for all of your work!

Modified base for "Servo driven ball raced & geared pan/tilt"

Hi Bdillahunty.

You're very welcome & I'm more than happy that you've improved on my original design!
I've had a look & you've done nice work.

Let us know how it prints out!


What screws were used to hold this together? Also, do you think it will be possible to print in PLA?

Hi SniperBEAST1515.

I will measure them & post a reply in the next couple of days.

Thanks. I'm going to build this and drive it with a Pixy CMUcam5 for an autonomous camera operator.

Hi SniperBEAST1515
Screws are self tapping types with washer molded into the head. Bought them from HobbyKing.

Tilt servo screws & the removable upright screws are 2mm x 8mm
Pan servo horn screws are 2.3mm x 10mm
pan servo mounting screws are 2.3mm x 10mm

I'm also using a Pixy cam for my robot.
Have just mounted it up, but have yet to write code to interface it into the robot code.

On my to do list............

Have you drawn up the mounting for the pixyCAM yet?
If not, I have a file that I can send & you can modify to suit your needs....

I have a franken-adapter taking the cold shoe of the video camera to GoPro, then GoPro to Pixy. It works, at least in a static test (and I don't have any of the electronics yet), but I am working on printing the assembly to motivate me. Depending on what software you use for the design, I may benefit from having that file.

Thank you,

I use Tinkercad.
I can send in .STL format if you like.


At which weights have u tested it. Iam asking because of the InMoov Project ... and it could be a nice upgrade for the shoulders

Do not you worry about that topic soon I put a video. I'm doing more units and make tests with different weights .


To be honest, I haven't tested it with any major weight.
The servo is rated to 2.5kg & the gear ratio is 2.7:1, so theoretically the available torque would be 6.75 kilos.

I suspect the weak point may be the gear teeth.
These are a round type, lend themselves well to printing & are quite strong.

Sorry, I haven't got any more accurate info.

Hello sigc.

You're most welcome!
Thank you for your kind words & video.
I'm glad you were able to find a use for this design.

Happy printing!

Thanks to Lekkybits for reward us with your designs.

Have you planned a design that carries a servo panoramic size in the tilt of the system ?

Thanks to the creator!!!!!!

It works great. I leave a link so you can see how well the camera moves . so I tried it with a target 300 and also works well .

I loved your work. It's a shame that is designed to use a large servo at the top to manage the tilt as it is the part that needs more strength in my opinion.

Still thank you very much for your work. It has been very useful .
To mount a large servo porder up I needed I resize it to 1.6X .

It's great anyone know if there is another project that is as good as this and used to place large servos both the panning and the tilt?
Thank you very much in advance.

Again thanks to the creator of this ingenuity.
You're a machine.

Hi Tinker134.

The tilt probably won't go any further than about 60 degrees. The ratio between pinion & main gear is 2.7/1 (from memory....).
60 degrees assumes the servo can be driven to 162 degrees.

The rotation is directly driven by a servo, but I'd suggest it would be hard pressed to rotate more than 160 degrees.

I don't believe an RC transmitter would give this much throw, even with travel adjust & throws set to max.

You may be able to modify the design to take different servos with greater travel.

hi, could you say what the range of tilt motion and pan motion is on this. I need to tilt 0 to 90 degrees and pan 360 degrees

You can place a continuous rotation servo in panoramic . The tilt is more difficult to solve , you would earn about 10 or 20 degrees
If browsing the repository findest a similar project using large servos for both tilt and panoramic I would thank you .

Hi FireFlyer451

Largest part is the base.
It's 72mm along its length.

Question about printer size, I am considering purchasing the new HobbyKing Mini Fabrikator 3D Printer, which can print a maximum of: 80mm x 80mm x 80mm . Would that be capable of printing these parts? Thank you.

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This is awesome.

i´ll print it for a litte tank.

Your welcome, Jwilcot!
I hope you are able to use it for something cool. :-)

This is really great. Thank you for sharing!

No probs!


I should also point out that the assembled .STL file is to show how parts go together.


Can you post the individual part files? I am making one to put on a quad copter and what to vary the density of the parts to keep the weight down..