Complete Animal Chess

by David_Mussaffi Jun 27, 2015
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My parents taught me that a horse has a hoof, and a penguin has flippers

raelly cool! May I ask what tools you use to (re)design such things? Also I will report the seller who is trying to sell copies of your work on aliexpress

Someone selling your modeling data at aliexpress!!!!!



Comments deleted.

I LOOOOVE the chess set, when will the rook be added?

Thx. It's already part of the set.

Never Mind. It's there. I don't know how/why I wasn't seeing it. Thnx.

Which piece is it? I don't see it in any of the pictures or in the Thing Files.

omg its sooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the idea of different colors - it's very...well, "colorful"!

But - and I'm not a chess nut (in fact I'm a lousy chess player; WAY too impatient) - there seems to be a reason that chess pieces are either black or white (or in some cases/places red and white). If you think about it, looking at a chess board with 32 pieces of 6 different colors (on both sides!) is a recipe for confusion.

Orientation (which direction a piece is facing) is simply not enough - and in any event the board would be a riot of color that'd make it hard to just SEE your own pieces vs. the opponents' pieces.

Horse Knight, not Horse Horse... ;-)

Congrats on feature!
How about queen bee for queen? :)

Thanks for using my crown on it!

It's a beautiful chess set,


Beautiful pieces, can reduce the scale?

I've printed them at 0.15 scale.
Hopefully I can someday print them without scaling :)

David, I like your work,
I'm using Simplify3D for slicing and this has problems with the Lion King. In the middle there are many holes.
What slicer made with your "Lion King" the nice result on your picture?
Kind regards

Just uploaded an updated file after a Netfabb Fix.
I've printed it on Robox.
Slicing is done with Slic3r (integrated into Robox Automaker software).

Comments deleted.

Very nice design. Well done.

I take it you know the Horse is actually called a Knight... ;)

you could also do with splitting the pieces into single file downloads...

I've Just uploaded the pieces as single files.

Any chance these can be loaded individually? Thanks.

I'm quite sure most slicers have a "Split into pieces" option. What slicer do you run?

I use Cura & Slic3r

Using Cura, control-click the object, and select "Split Object into Parts".

Great design!

What filament brands/colors are on the first pic? Must have a few of these colors.

ColorFabb's :

Cel (robox) :
Dynamite Red RBX-PLA-RD536
Sky Blue RBX-PLA-BL002

Cool Beans Bro!!!!!!

Very pretty. Thanks for sharing.