Game of Thrones Iron Throne phone charger rest

by chabachaba Jun 27, 2015
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i printed the file twice. and both times the print fails on the exact same spot. a little higher than the hand rest. i even tried to slice that part offin meshmixer and print just the part that is missing and no matter how many time i try to print it. it fails.. anyone else have this problem?

I'm having the same issue.

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I had chose this print as my first 3D print after i had purchase my Creality CR-10 four days ago.I had used the default settings(Started without
fan and i reactivate it on the half of the print).

Thanks alot that you had shared this file.Cura3D calculate the time lapse by 2 hours less.So ,overall printed time was 11h.

Filament by Kaiser Tech Pla 1.75 mm Silver.

What is your print speed on this? Mine is at 55mm/s and I can't seem to get it a clean print on the individual swords sticking out of the body of the throne. I've printed a near perfect benchy and vibration cube so I have no idea what to fix. I'm using a stock CR-10. The only usable one is the one where it took 18hrs to print.

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How long will this take to print?

Depends on you resolution and printer I guess.
For me I think I did it with .25 layer size and like...5-10% infill.
Took me something like 8 hours

did you printed it flat on the base? thanks

Yes, flat on the base with some support for the stuff sticking out on the front side

Hey Chabachaba,

Are you aware that someone on ebay stole your design, and is selling this for 150 bucks?

Look up the user "simmsfamilyemporium" He stole over 1,300+ designs from here.

Wait whut?
thanks for telling me! I searched for him but I couldn't find his page (maybe because I'm on the german ebay).
Can you link him?

Also: I couldn't sell it myself if I wanted, I just remixed the Iron throne model from someone else (which had a no sell license if I remember correctly). Also I'm not sure how it works with GOT being licensed property.

I'm sure HBO wouldn't appreciate it either

I don´t get all the licence stuff, but if you remix the model from someone else who had a non commercial license , so why don´t you label your model with such license? It is definately a licensed product of GOT. I just don´t get the point that if I would want to print it and sell it, which is allowed with that licence, why would other care about the problems I might get with GOT?

Okay so I just looked into it and I think the following is the case:
Back when I made the model the original designer I remixed it from had a non commercial, free to remix license on it (no share alike if I remember correctly).
So I was free to choose whichever license I wanted on there (because he didn't choose "share alike").
Since then he changed his license to "creative commons, share alike" (no-non commercial anymore).
Just to not be in trouble I changed it now to non commercial bc to be honest I don't care,
but when I created the model his licenses were different.

If you downloaded it before he changed his license then you're fine to put whatever the previous license was. You just need proof in the downloads of the license that comes with everything you download from here.

Looks like eBay shut him down this weekend. This thing (sad face) has more info on how the situation evoled over the last week.


by loubie

wow... I mean your case is worse than mine, because you actually designed and invented this yourself.

hey, Chabachaba, do ou know of any software that would let me split this model into pieces. I have other ones I want to split too but I cant find the right software, or I just dont know how to use it! hahaha

I usually use autodesk meshmixer for that kind of stuff. Its relatively easy to use and I think it's free.

Yeah I have been exploring that for a while and figured out how to scale and add supports. i guess ill look into tutorials or something.

Is anyone having trouble printing the left arm? it looks like the face isnt closed there and I cant figure out how to close it

I printed it with automatically generated support in repetier. I think it complained because of the faces but after I hit the repair face groups option (not sure how it's called, I'm using the German version) it was printable np problem. Just slice it and see how it looks.

If you're still have problems, there's online tools out there to repair 3d models with a few clicks. Try googeling 3d print model repair online

I'll see what I can do then. I'm literally brand new to this. Still trying to figure out how to use auto desk hahahaha just figured out how to add supports today!

What printer do you have? If you're new to this and just want to print downloaded models I wouldn't even bother AutoDesk. Install repetier and look up a YouTube video on how to set it up. It is relatively easy to use and gives you good options to generate support automatically. You'll be printing im a matter of 20 minutes.

Yeah i tried four times. this wont print at all. the skirt the printer makes keeps getting in the way or something. rather than starting the print as a full circle it starts as like half one, fills in that half, then tried to make the other half of the circle and keeps messing up

weird. I printed one no problem. If you should have problem with the model not being closed, try this https://modelrepair.azurewebsites.net/ or some other 3d model repair.

hey I have the same problem and the software you recommended didn't work do you have another idea?

I ran it through a Microsoft repair service. I'll try that one too! I appreciate all the help you have been with trying to get this model printed :)

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Does the big old iphone charger fit through the hole? (The iphone 4s and downwards charger)

you can always just try putting the usb end through rather than try to put the big end through

There I sit as an engineering major and that didn't occur to me^^. I'm not sure a normal USB fits either though, you have to try

Still a pro design

I have no idea. I didn't make the hole for any specific dimension.
If you mean this one http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02149/cable_2149021b.jpg then I dont think so.

do I need both files to print this? im new to this

No, they're just two different data types :)

it seems a face on the left arm is missing. is it still fine to print?