Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Archimedes Windmill with airfoil design and generator

by Parkinbot Jun 29, 2015
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Thank you for the response. I have now printed tow of these things, one in PETG and the other in PLA. The PLA print has much smoother surfaces. Eventually I'll try ABS although print bed adhesion is a worry. For the two prints I used supports and a raft and both completed without difficulty, For the vane shaft I used carbon fiber rod which turns with little friction. My next step will be to scale the print up to as large as will fit in my printer (135%), make sure the surfaces are polished smooth and the blades balanced. After that, who knows?

It would be be nice to see your prints as Make of this thing.

Beautiful thing!! Can you provide guidance on the best way to print the vane? Yes, it has a nice little foot, but will this hold the entire vane vertical as it nears the end of printing? I gent just enough drag from my extruder that makes tall and wide prints fail with regularity. Might supports be useful, assuming they extend only from the bed? Any advice would be appreciated. And again, thank you for sharing this impressive body of work.

Well, I printed it only once and it came out well. But stability in Z direction depends much on the printer. Stabilized mine before I started the print (see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:922538). As far as I remember I added some support (for 45° +) and used Kisslicer.

K8200 - stiffening and herringbone extruder gears

the other main thing is , how does it orient itself into the direction of the oncoming wind with no tail finblade ?

The bracket design has an off-centered-vertical shaft with hole meant to be used as pivot bearing. This should be enough. Have a look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNddursxCFE

I prnted, the stand didn,t come out well prob. because i didnt keep the bed hot enough to prevent a bit of warping.
The spiral came out ok , I am contemplating what to use and how to mount the shaft axes. I wonder how this performs vs. a a typ. wind generator blade set, efficiency wise - torque/rpm for a given windspeed.

Just got my printer repaired (some bearings were worn out, beside some other probs). Its printing the spiral right now. The ring came better after I turned it around 180°. The stand needs a bit of support. Came out well.
But this was a slicer problem (I use Kisslicer). As an axis I intend to use a 2mm bicyle a spoke. I'll post a pic and a film as soon as I have mounted it. I'd be happy to learn your results.

My dad was asking me the other day about dust and the bearings - yes, i did add an airfilter to the room and i need to get/clean the carpet out of there and it would be good to have some plastic bag to throw over the top so it doesnt collect dust and ruin the tiny ball bearings -- i printed at .375 with a .5 and it was about 3.5 hrs , with a non direct drive you could probably speed that up 25%.
I dont use kisslicer, I used to use slic3r - the material for the holder is just thick enough to stick a paper clip / thumb tack - those are juts about 1mm, I think you have to beef up the holding area around the axis if you are going to go 2mm. I was able to just stick an unfolded paper clip all the way in - of course the hole is about 1mm in it's current design. It seems to start turning with more of a sideways/ angle of attack wind than a direct parallel to axis wind direction. Thanks for your work - pretty complex curvatures !

Nice print. I printed mine at .2mm layers with a .5 head. Used slow mode as I had 2 head crashes at 75% print before repair.
My print took 6.2 hours for a hollow slicing. The wings got thin like paper at the ends. So cut it with a pair of scissors. Should try slic3r again, but it remember it being so slow.
After print I put it on the desk and blew on it. It immediately startet to rotate.

To answer your questions:
The holes are meant to be drilled up a bit. I use a 1.9 mm drill bit and poke in a 4cm piece of a 2mm spoke, which I heat up before.You are right, the bracket is weak. I prefer using other materials for it.
How does it follow the wind? The bracket design has an off-centered-vertical shaft with hole meant to be used as pivot bearing. This should be enough. Have a look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNddursxCFE