by hiroaki_nishimura May 17, 2013
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I'm having a problem slicing the object. Why is that?

unfortunately as soon as I try to slice the vers2 *.stl file I will receive a infill layer in the top area of the body. Any ideas? I can not get this file to be sliced properly. Ihm using the PrusaSlicer2.0.x for the Prusa MK3s.

In PrusaSlicer, hit the little triangle next to the vers2* stl so it repairs the model. Fixed it for me

Yes I made one. But definiately nuts are not fit on screws! You need to print nuts %2 percent of smaller then they are.
Also main body and main nut not fit together. Nut so big and loose. So you need to print nut %1-2 percent smaller.
But other screws fit on main body perfectly.

Nuts and screw print k, loose, but they work. But the Cap and body, they are just too loose. The screw of the cap as amesh error (holes) I fixed them with netfab. But still, the fit too loose (printed in pla, 0.2 layer, printer is calibrated)

Ten bodu as an errror in the screw. It is not closed.

Hi, trying to print the SCREW_TOY_BODY_ver2 using Makerware 2.4.1 and the model will not slice properly. It appears to be having difficulty with the threaded section at the top and generating an array of triangles.

I used CURA instead to avoid this problem, anyway the parts doesn't fix, the screws are too loose, any ideas??

I printed the 9 screws and the large nuts. The large screws and nuts work well together. I'm printing the SCREW_TOY_BODY_ver2

and even though it's still in progress I have found that only the large and small screws fit correctly in their holes. The medium screws just push right into their holes without needing to be turned. Anyone else have this problem?

Unfortunately the print for the screw toy body isn't going well because the cooling fan is causing some layers to split.

I have same problem, I printed the body and cap and they don't fix, and the small screws are too loose, i had to printed it at 1.07 scale

Hi just printed but my cap does no stay on te body! They dot really fit! The cap can be pulled of easily

Hi phageis.Thank you for your print!
I have few questions.

1)Did printed with "SCREW_TOY_BODY_ver2.stl" file?
2)Did printed in layer height?

My?prototype is OK,,,
Thank you for information.

Yes I printed version2 an an rep2x in ABS With

I printed with MakerWare 2.1 "Medium" defualts (.27mm/10%/2 shells/temp 230/speed 80mm/s) on a Rep2 with PLA and have the same problem. If I get it started just right, the cap will screw into the threads, but I can easily pull it off.

Hi.meshmixer.I'll try to review the design.please wait,,

I printed on a Replicator 2X with ReplicatorG.
Screws printed in ABS.
Used 0.27 layer height and 10% infill for all.

temp 220/speed 50mm/s.
Just a moment plese...

Hi.phgeis.I'll try to review the design.please wait,,

what is the InFill percentage?

Hi,tracypan.I made 10%.

I added "SCREW_TOY_BODY_ver2.stl".
You can be more smooth connection each part.
If you have downloaded the old version, please download again.

What paint did you use to paint it?

Hi.darknightapple. No painting.
It's ABS filament original colors.

this is pretty nice, what printer was it printed with?

Hi.naksu.I printed with Replicator 2X.?Resolution?0.27mm.