Mad Cats M.M.O.7 Replacement Part

by ooxtcoo Jun 29, 2015
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Wow, super useful and awesome. Hope I don't need this, but I can make it if I do! You could design different pinky rests too, that could we really useful.

do you have the same mouse?

if so, if you fast aim, dose your mouse jump arround (jiggle) a little bit?
before firmware update i had a problem with locking y achsis and now i have the jiggle problem.

and the philips twineye laser is totaly grap...
the only mousepad what realy worked till now is the logitec g240 and roccat taitoo...

i have tryed razer sphinx hard pad, aluminum mousepads, razer goliathios different other pads,.
i spend already 100€ to find a working mousepad for that mouse...

thats the reason why i have broken the mouse... after so mutch bad feelings of this bad sensor for
a 150€ mouse, i smashed it into the floor :(
i realy whanted to put it into the trash...

but then i found the logitec g240 mousepad...

what mousepad are you useing?

if your mouse is accurate you can only see when you make some fast movements with a
static background...
like: http://aim400.kg
try (exakt aiming dots) then you see if your mouse sometimes just jumps to far...

i have 2 of them and both do the same...

I've had this mouse for about two years and I've had no issues. I can't see myself not using this mouse, I absolutely love it.

This is the mousepad I use:


Only Razer product I've ever bought.