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Chip Clip Remix

by don3sch Jun 30, 2015
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Damn, that is like a clip board and my clip merged into one and how you got it to print like that, without support, is amazing. My printer is dead in the water for over a month and I am struggling to figure out how to fix it so I have been very quiet on Makerbotiverse (errr, Thingiverse) lately.

The spring action of your clip works very well. Your clip is definitely still the heavy duty king of clips. My version will hold notes to the side of my printer, and is pretty cute. Their useful functions don't overlap much.

I left the operating mechanism the same, making all the changes to the lower half. This is my first remix, and as I explained privately, was a bit unintentional. Getting it to print standing up was actually what I set out to do as a private test, but it came out pretty nice so I decided to share.

I put a little knockout tab (visible in the STL) to hold the two halves together, but it did not print. Maybe too thin or not properly tacked to the sidewall..

Before my printer died I have found that no software does the supports I need very well and especially not with PLA. So, I manually add them and the supports just pop right out. Slic3r gets it almost right but they need to add an option to tell it how far away from objects to print them. I have found 0.2mm-0.4mm horizontally (depends on your layer height) and 1mm vertically to be optimal. Can do 0.8mm with a smaller nozzle (mine is 0.35mm) but 1mm works too well.