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Fallout 4 - 10mm Pistol

by lilykill, published

Fallout 4 - 10mm Pistol by lilykill Jun 30, 2015

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The files for this model have been removed from this page, from now on the files can downloaded for free from www.MyMiniFactory.com. This page will be left for legacy purposes and I will still answer questions if posted.

From now on, all my future projects will feature exclusively on www.MyMiniFactory.com.
My profile page is https://www.myminifactory.com/users/lilykill.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Here is the new 10mm Pistol from the newest installation of the fallout series. I have created the model from the preview footage of the game from the Bethesda E3 conference. Obviously take the scale with a pinch of salt as it's hard to gauge the size of the weapon with the footage shown. Ive tried to capture as much detail as possible and since the right size of the weapon is not shown it may look a bit blank but I can update the model or change the scale once the game is out or once more images are available. You can modify the scale manually in your slicer software so if you think the grip does not fit you, simply scale to your needs. To make it fit right I would suggest print of the grip on a fast setting and thick layer height and see how fit you and then scale to your needs.

I would want to test print this myself but knowing the fan following someone is bound to beat me to it, so if anyone has feedback on the tolerances or assembly please feel to contact me.

If you want a Fallout fix, check out my other Fallout props;

Happy printing and remember, tunnel snakes rule!.

Follow me on twitter @ https://twitter.com/lilykill1, and instagram @ https://instagram.com/lilykill1/ and facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/Lilykill-253119598353137/ where you can stay up-to-date on my current projects and releases.

Update - 01/07/15
I have tightened up the tolerances and uploaded the models in a higher resolution.

Update - 16/07/15
MODS!!!. I've finally finished some of the mods shown off in the conference and can be applied in almost any order. The only unfortunate thing is if you want to apply the sight to you're already printed pistol you will need to reprint the barrel which I have now revised to accept it. Check out the new renders!!.
Like the pistol itself, I am releasing these files without testing them as someone will definitely print this before me is just inform me if you have any problems so I can revise the files.

Update - 03/01/2016
Model has been updated and is almost 100% game accurate. Mods have been removed and will be added once I have updated them to fit the new model.

Update - 08/01/2016
Mods added.

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My print settings were; 0.5mm nozzle, resolution 0.2mm, 15% infill.


Painting and Assembly

When printed, it can be assembled as it but because of the designed print orientations it will need glue to make it a solid item. When painting try to get minimal paint application to these mating faces to give the glue the best adhesion possible on final assembly.

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The files are now a cube? I already have them all except for the cylinder under the grip. Was trying to get that one piece.

All the files are now on myminifactory.com.

so how big is the gun

Hey Lil, I'm just wondering if your planning to make the Comfort Grip and the Sharpshooter's Grip mods.

Currently, no.

Is It supposed to be in one piece or in several pieces.

The parts are in the zip file.

Uhhhh great model but where is the cilinder object from the under grip??

And is there a silenser for the piece?

The file must not have been in there when I packed it, try it now, and no.

Hey I have a slight accuracy problem the magazine is the wrong size when it should be 10 mm it is about 6 I know its a bit of a knit pick but I had to tell you so you could possibly fix it

The magazine is simply there for show and is game accurate. This does mean its not dimensionally correct for real cartridges as the game models are never that accurate. Additionally, theres a limited amount of space to work with and didnt want to compromise strength of the grip frame for the mag.

I can understand that. It would be nice to have a optional version that is the right size though.

Just finished up on the entire gun,it looks great, but there's a couple of problems:

  • The undergrip's tip overlaps the trigger guard end, creating a gap between the lower reciever and the undergrip. You could shorten the undergrip or flatten the trigger guard a bit more, shortening it sounds like a better option. (http://imgur.com/d5qfZKa)

  • The undergrip's mod files is also missing the "grip" part of the orignial, the cylinder that is under the grip and held in place by the front and rear blocks

  • The extended mag is the same size as the original, I noticed that the original and the extended one have the same shape that fit into the little magazine dowel, maybe you forgot to fuse both of them together? I'm not sure.

So far that seems to be the only problems, hope you can fix them.

Hello yet again, the magazine mod seems to be the normal magazine attached with the other modifications floating around in one file, would it be possible to fix that?

Just check and yes you are right, I have just fixed and re-uploaded the files.

Comments deleted.

Hi again, your new print of the gun looks amazing! Did you use wood filament for the grip?

No, sprayed it with a Humbrol brown spray paint.

How many mm will the print or prints take?

What do you mean?, like total length of filament used?.

Hello, could you add a trigger guard as an additional mod?

I will do, gimme some time as I'm a bit busy tied up with other projects.

Very well, thank you.

Fallout is my favourite game franchise. I have a small shelf with few scratch built props from Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I recently joined a maker space near my house. They have five 3D printers that can be used by the group to print anything from a couple of centimetres across to a metre or so. The membership is a bit more expensive than I thought it would be, but the membership includes the use of every machine in the facility. They only charge for materials if you do not bring your own and they have discounts with quite a few different companies for boards and LEDs and actuators, so it's well worth it.

All that said, I'm going with this as one of my first 3D print and assemble projects. It's good to see fans of the franchise still building props. Up until now, I've only done scratch builds or purchased resin kits so I've got quite the learning curve ahead of me.

I've taken a look at your other creations and I'm amazed at your designs. I'll be awaiting the breakdown of the laser pistol.

Great to hear it, are you planning to do any of the mods?. As for the laser pistol, if I don't finish printing by next week I'll release the files because I know loads of people are anxiously waiting for it, Im only holding them back as I trying not to release anything without printing them myself as I don't want people complaining if they start having problems, It just looks bad on me.

I can wait for the laser pistol. I'm not particularly an impatient person when it comes to these things as it is a hobby. I can always find other things to do in the mean time.

For the mods, I haven't reached that point yet. At this point, the plan is to get the handle printed this weekend and check it for scale. I took a look at the one that andeeuk made and, to be honest, the handle looks a little large compared to his hand. I may have to reduce the files by 5 to 10% depending on how it fits my "shootin' hand". Then, I plan to print the grip (handle) in green (or Dark Earth or as close as I can come...I'm colour blind and I usually just call my daughter into my office and ask her which color works best) and the rest in black.

After that is done, I'll take another look at the mods and figure it out. I may just go with the sight and barrel mods and I'm curious as to what the undergrip parts look like, but I'm running Ubuntu on a five year old PC at home and FreeCAD doesn't seem to want to open the files. It's just something I have to sort out when I have the time.

I tend to take a lot of work in progress pics when I build something. If you'd like, I will message you with a link to the pics when I'm done. If it turns out well and I want to post some pics on some public social media such as The RPF or facebook, I'll ask your permission first and give you credit for the files when I post.

I know my comments are long winded. I apologize for going on and on...even though I'm going to do so.

If you ever get to working on the Blade Runner Blaster Pistol, I would suggest (if you haven't already done so) searching on youtube for Adam Savage Blade Runner Blaster. The amount of research he does on all of his props is astounding and he has the minutiae down. He lays out quite a bit of info on the different props he's collected.

For the sizing, I made the grip for a roughly 85mm wide palm, so just decide from that what you want to scale it to. Go ahead and post the pics where ever, I'm on the RPF and try and actively update where I am with models there as well. I made a start to the Blade Runner Pistol but got side tracked with other projects, there is a version of it on MyMiniFactory but I haven't printed it myself.

Holy hell man... would love to see your Blade Runner Pistol file when you finish it.

In the process of printing this pistol and the attachments. Amazing files.

Is there a clip that's supposed to go with this?

Do you mean as in a magazine or a holster clip?

Rewatched the video and saw that it didn't have a clip (magazine). I'm guessing that's just it being the demo though, there will probably be a clip in the final version, the gun looks like it's designed for one. Will you be adding it in if so?

Same as what I thought. When more info is released that Ill added it it. When I can see the full operation and get some more images then Ill try and get as accurate as possible, and the same as what I'm doin with the laser pistol Ill try and make the mods for it aswell. Once I'm happy with the model i'll try and make the bolt movable with a spring and have removable clips.

How cool would it be to create swappable parts, so you can mix and match just like in the crafting demo. If you could figure that out, you'd be right up there with Todd Howard! lol

From the E3 conference I was able to see 2 mods that I'm currently modelling, the first is a flash suppressor for the muzzle and the other is a under barrel grip. Hopefully, both should be ready by next week.

Yeah, but I'm talking about swappable EVERYTHING. lol Like swapping laser barrels for rifle barrels. There's a section of the video where they rapidly cycle between parts and you can see the gun changing bit by bit into different types of gun.

hmm, from what I could see, everything for the laser type weapons was interchangable but only within that family, same with the plasma type. They didn't show off anything of the normal projectile weapons so it'll be good to see if you can put long barrels on standard pistols or remove stocks from assualt rifle, stuff like that.

This is really slick! Guess I wasn't the only one inspired by FO4 to get modeling. Mind if I ask what software you're using to design and render?

I used solidworks for both. The rendering I'm not that fantastic on, I just use it as it looks so much better that a screen shot with all the vertices showing.

Can you post links to the images you got this from? I haven't seen it yet.

Here the link to the conference - www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KApp699WdE

All I did was take screen shots of video when the weapon appeared and went from there.

By working, do you mean has moving parts?. If so then currently no, I finished it last night and uploaded it as basically an assembled solid as most people just want the model. I will be working on adding some more details in like leaving an internal space for a spring for the receiver and trigger. When I have made the changes I will upload the new files and detail the changes as an edit in the description.

I don't get why people are just wanting the models and not easy to print files. Do you know why so many items are just being uploaded as a large solid chunk?

Way to difficult to print, even with support material.

It does brake down and most of the parts have a flat surface which would be the base for printing. Only parts like the selector switches will need a lot of support material but, those are the smallest parts in the assembly.

I am printing right now, should be done in 24 hours, will let you know then.

Cool thanks, Let me know if you have any problems.

I will most likely be printing this within the next week or two. I will keep you updated. Looks nice!