Glow Stick Brackets

by wizard23 Aug 15, 2009
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Very cool! Just a thought - can you design some with 'spigots" on the top and bottom faces, or a tetrahedral arrangement; then you could build just about anything with glow sticks in 3D.

(Hey - that gives me an idea - why not design a machine which can assemble a frame out of glow sticks and glow stick brackets ...)

this is totally printable with a makerbot (I actually printed like 40 of these with a makerbot :)

Of course it's an overhang and commercial machines would fill the hole with support structure (to use more material and to make more money) but who cares? it is not really necessary because small holes work out nicely just like that. It sinks down a little but on top but the overall geometry is go
od and if you post process the hole with a drill it becomes a perfect circle.

Some people use a tear drop shape for holes but I never found this necessary. actually I think the holes are better if you don't use the tear drop shape because then it's actually a circle. If you want to use it for an a
xis you might want to drill it afterwards so it becomes a perfect circle. with the tear drop shape it will never become a circle and the axis can move a little bit in the drop. also the tear drop messes up the design because you are forced to have more space at the top of the tear drop.

Are these printable on Makerbots? Considering the holes, and all; do they count as overhangs?

Glowstick tinkertoys! Love it!