Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

#CatchTheWind > Charge your Phone > Vertical Wind Turbine Generator

by KG1610 Jul 1, 2015
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Hello! I m in the process of making this turbine, I love the design, I was wondering if there was a file for the part which holds and rotates the magnets?



Hey B
thanks, yeah was a great idea but in hindsight - the maglev part gave rise to unnecessary complications.
if i were to do this again i would use this as the base http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1947183
and then add the turbine to the top.

i have added the missing files for you both the Autodesk and STL


Mini Pulse Motor / Generator
by KG1610

Thank you very much! :) I really appreciate the help!

How are the magnets polarities arranged .. and are there 2 smaller magnets in your remix version ??

I like to make this also.
Hope it works.
Locking foreward to the electric shema.....
Begin print this afternoon
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Marcel - Me too !
should finish the all the printed parts + Coils this weekend. My aim is to get stuck into the wiring next week.
will update as I progress.

What is the voltage and current being produced - is it enough to actually charge an iPhone?

Hey Dodo. I can only hope so.

I am busy with the build.
will let you know voltage and current measurements + wiring diagram when done.

Would like to have the electrical scheme for winding the coils.

Hey Wil , I'm not a 100 % sure on what you asking. Could you give me an example of what you looking for ?

I mean the way to winding the coils, and connecting scheme.

I have not done this yet, when the build is complete I will tackle the wiring. There is a few things I will need to test.
Will post wiring diagram when done.

100 %

Ok, thank you, i'm very interested. in it.

Can you adapt this to work on this build manual that uses a common & inexpensive Toyota alternator (probably the most common alternator in the World, and in Africa found in virtually every car mechanic in good numbers) http://www.five-gallon-bucket-hydroelectric.org/the-new-toyota-alternator-pma-for-the-generator/ it would be very useful. I'm planning to make a traditional wind blade adaptation myself (although not sure up to which size the blades can be printed, as well as a vertical adaptation. Take a look at http://www.windside.com

Hey - Looks Amazing.

Hectic Build Manual though !
This will require a more industrial build approach. I will def keep this in mind for future builds.

Thanks for the info

Note: Windside is manufactured near here, so I can ask for a permission to use their blades & gears for a licensed version.

I'd love to do a story on this for http://3dprint.com once you have a working product. Please keep me in mind and email me - 3dprintdotcom@gmail.com

Hi Eddie,

That's Amazing, will you know when I am done.
Thank you

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Got the File - Rep Rap Wind Turbine
Very Nice information - Thank You.

Hi Kalieth,

Cool man, Thank you - I sent you Mail.