Warhammer Space Marine

by 660 Jul 1, 2015
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this keeps happen when I try to load it. I'm not saying it's your fault I just wanted to show how bad this is XP

Hey 660, just thought you should be aware that someone in Laos is selling your design here: http://www.dayin.la/product/94076.html. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :-/

This is an amazing looking design! My only criticism would be the hands, they just seem a little off like they are missing their armor. Still an amazing piece though and would love to see you do more 30K/40K stuff.

OOOH! Print out a bunch in green, add a little white paint on the shoulders and eagle, and you can have an army of Death Knights!

Comments deleted.

Thanks for all the comments and good feedback. I printed this file on a powder printer so it is very fine detail, but you are right the image above is cgi, I have some real images at edmundkeefe.com also some animations of it. I will post more when I get a chance.

Cheers all

If you don't mind I'll share my pictures from MJP 2500 Plus. Supportless print in wax cover. The pictures show printed model right after getting rid of the wax. It's still covered with a bit of oil since I tried to dry it fast. I'll show you some more pictures after I paint it (one colour to show the details).

Congratulations.... Great work!!!!!!!!!
You are a crack, the Cristiano Ronaldo of Warhammer 40K 3D modeling....

can you make more of 40k stuff?

How did you get such smooth models to print out? I'm looking to get into 3D printing mainly for warhammer, but still believe it will be a fun learning experiance. But most models that people post are not remotely similar to the real deal. What is your secret!?!?

it looks like the main picuture is cgi and not the finished print. No printer would come out this smooth : )

@dazzadazzadazzadazza there's such printer and we own it my friend :) check the results on the attached pictures. The printed element (meltabomb) is as small as five pence coin, perfectly smooth with some even smaller details on it. Supportless print.

You can sand the print or even print it on a STL printer like a Form2. That should get it as smooth as you can with a 3D Printer

@joostan sanding the print is not a bad idea for FDM but materials from other technologies are less durable and may crush. MultiJet Printing is the best solution for such models.

Sadly its a traitor Legion.
For RUSS!!!
Great Piece man.

Could you give some detail as to what kind of/how much support you' used for printing? my tryout's come out terrible

My favourite local games store (FLGS) asked me if I could print off a large Space Marine as a trophy-topper for a tournament. I gave the owner a selection of designs from Thingiverse, and he went absolutely nuts over yours. I'll be printing this out somewhere between 15-19 cm high in the near future, and will take some pics to put up here when the trophy is finished.

Kudos on a great design.

That's very cool and very good of you to let me know. I really should find the time to post my other space marine models.

Please take the time to post any other models. This one is great!
Ive been trying to break the stl down but the mesh is quite complex. Ideally print legs, arms, torso etc in parts.
Might you have the original non stl file which i might be able to break down easier?
Thanks for sharing the model

How its going with other space marine models? Honestly i can't wait for Your work :D

Hi Edmund,

What other designs have you made?

I'm really impressed with this one, and think it would be a loss to the community if you didn't release any others you have finished.


Hi I noticed that the underside of the base was hollow on this model something I easily fixed but feels like something that shouldn't be the case. For the simple reason of making printing easier. If you like I can send you the updated model or you can fix it yourself just let me know.

I think that the hollowed out base is there so that you could add a coin or some led to make it more weighted and so it stands better. You could even glue a magnet there and have it stick this way :)

I'd very much like the fixed model, mine printed like hell because of the lack of a base, the base top didn't print for some reason and the feet are gone. It seemed to be doing ok by mid-shin but I canceled the print

I'll have a look at changing the model when I get a chance but the file has been printed successfully by many other people here so maybe you could check your settings also. I've replaced my FDM printers with SLA but I will be testing some new FDMs shortly. Keep a lookout for my very overdue updated figure.

Hey Edmund! I love your work and I´m really interested in printing out versions, with the same quality (or likewise) as you posted on your website. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for smaller, less industrial focused printers, for use at home?

Hi all, sorry for the delay in responding. I will be working on other variants over the summer when I have more free time. I have a moveable version in progress and I will add alternative shoulder pads and weapons so please check back around June/July.


How goes the moveable version? Can't wait to print it...

model with only bolter .

Hi,you can make model of Chaos space marine ?
I wery regreat you.


It's a very nice interpretation of a space marine here!

Is there any possibility to have alternate models with differents chapters signs on the shoulder pad ?

Any chance you could split the model up? I'd love to have a pose-able version...

I'd like to make other poses as well :)

I tried printing this with a makerbot. the gun and over hanging arm seem to try and start printing in mid air because of no print supports. How did you get around this since the 3d printer prints from the ground up the over hanging features want to print in mid air?

In Makerbot Desktop, go to Settings, and make sure the "supports" box is checked. This will allow the software to put it's own supports into the print. You will need to trim and clean it up as a result.

I'm going to print this on my DLP printer tonight should come out awesome. I'll post a picture when it's finished. Would you mind if I sold these on etsy at all? I feel like people would love these

Thanks for your comment, I look forward to seeing your result. As for selling on Etsy - I've made this available under a none commercial license, and although this is my interpretation of a Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Space Marine, I'm pretty sure that I would have to pull this from Thingiverse if you or anyone else tries to sell them. Games Workshop are very protective and have been known to set their lawyers on to anyone infringing their copyright

Good point there.

Either way, I can't wait to print this and throw a picture on here. I'll do one with the DLP supports still attached and one of the cleaned version. Are you planning on making any other Warhammer 40k figures? There's been a lot of them showing up on Thingiverse, but this one just has such detail it's amazing.... Truly something worthy of being printed on a SLA instead of FDM rig.

Excellent, I look forward to seeing how it turns out. I will be making some more versions of this and I'm working on a moveable/poseable one at the moment. (leg and arm joints etc.)


I guess I'm going to have to wait a day or so to print this. Having some COM port errors on my computer and I currently can't connect to either of my printers...

Just curious what program did you use to model this?

Hello, I modeled this using 3ds Max. You can see it dancing here (scroll to the bottom of the page) :

Do you have photos of the printed versions that you made? I'd be interested in perhaps doing a story on it for 3dprint.com

Thanks for the interest. I have lots of photos. Starting with the de-powdering through to the finished model. Just let me know where and when to send them.