MakerBot Replicator 5th Gen & Mini Smart Extruder Clip

by Fargo3DPrinting Jul 1, 2015
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This is awesome, works great! use my 5th gen with extruder+ thanks!!

You're welcome! Thanks for the comment :)

I know I'm not using a good slicer, when I bring this into MakerBot print, the size isn't right. Can you provide the printed sizing so I can update in the software and print that way? Super excited as this seems to be a fix to my extruder errors. :D

Looks like the largest side is 96mm. Overall it is 96 x 48 x 10mm.
Hope this fixes your issue!

Thanks, also I'm stupid. I had my software set to inches instead of mm. Once I changed it, the files imported with no problems. Thanks for the prompt reply though!

Thanks for this! Works great. After my Smart Extruder+ crapped out (2 of the "strengthened" pogo pins got stuck and eventually after pulling them out many times, one shot out with the spring and is lost forever), I switched back to my Smart Extruder and would get constant error 54s (extruder not attached). This clip solved that and has allowed me to continue printing while awaiting a new extruder.

Great to hear! Glad you're back up and printing.

didn't get to use it for a smart extruder but it works like star lords blaster.

This part is fantastic and saved my printed from becoming another bookend. Thanks a lot!

think this will work for the smart extruder plus?

We haven't tested it yet, but it should work.

I really like this my friend. Just have to hope that is doesn't jam for the reason this was made for. XD

The Bees Knees! I had an extruder that was momentarily loosing contact. Perfect fit. Thanx!

Realy good idea now in the print start the extruder wont fall of.

After clogs in two smart extruders and the need to disassemble to remove the jammed filament, this design has become PRICELESS for my printing! The retainer clips on the housing are tiny, flimsy, and easily broken. The results were that the housings would not hold together tightly on printout generating a "detached smart extruder" error message frequently, and annoyingly. This clip provided resolution and many more hours of trouble free printing. Thanks for creating this!

Great to hear! Glad that this is helping others too :)

Can't wait to print. Broke 2 extenders by it falling off and jamming so bad. Thanks.

BEST THING I have printed...no more extruder errors!

Awesome! This thing works great! Thank yo so much! ;)