Motorized Orrery

by JML31347 Jul 1, 2015
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Thank you very much for making this great model! I have been looking for something like this (even to buy) to show my kids some sun-moon-earth constellations, and this does the trick just fine.

It might benefit from a few assembly instructions to simplify it further. I am guessing that you glued the base supports to the inside of the base? I would have expected those to just be a little longer, so it is easier to fit them properly. The print file also only contains three supports, where four would be nicer. ;-) Did you also glue the top ring gear to the base? Since it shouldn't move, this makes the entire construction more stable.

In any case, thanks for the time you put into this, it is of great value in my house!

Is there an updated file for the sun gear. The hole for the motor shaft is off-center and when I try to run the machine it will force a gear to jump off the peg, or jam the motor as the sun gear is forced into the spur gear.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for adding the updated file.

I printed the parts out. Where do the gears go? The gears do not fit onto the four pegs on the base. How do you assemble this?

Hello JML31347,

Would it be possible to convert your orrery into a hand cranked design?

If you approve, I can also help in modifying the CAD in solidworks.


I think both earh-around-sun and moon-around-earth should rotate counter-clock-wise when seen from north

LOL .. it has a DC motor , just change the polarity and it will turn the other direction.

The thing is that both should rotate in the same direction...

Well I did not design that model to be exact , it is for demonstration.
I guess live with it .............. ;-)

LOL .. it has a DC motor , just change the polarity and it will turn the other direction.

Is anyone else having issues printing the 09 earth ring file from the motorized package? I have printed everything else and they worked fine!

I have also ordered a motor (the old link was out of stock) on ebay. The first seller I bought it from was also out of stock and refunded me. This one actually shipped (http://goo.gl/1WRGte) (affiliate).

I got the 09 earth ring working. I ran it through tinkercad first and then reloaded it in cura. It then printed.
Now to work out this jigsaw!! Yay!
Thanks JML31347 for this design. It's great!

Is there an Inner_B_Top for the larger orrery set? And if not, what's the procedure to assemble the larger one without it? Thanks!

If you want the motorized package , then down load the http://www.thingiverse.com/download:1528213 file

Ah, I think I see how everything works now. Thanks! If I could ask one last question: how do you secure the spurs and spur sockets to the base in this iteration? Other than that, I think I'm in good shape now that I see how the motor fits into the bottom of the base and then into the sun. Thanks!

inner_b_top.stl error ,the object is not manifole. this essentially means,that it is not watertight.this normally causes problems during slicing, rsulting in unwanted results.

Could you make the earth with a support structure because it falls down every time i print it

I am usually patient person , but you are testing my patients.
How long have you been using a 3D printer?
If you do not know how to position items , so they print proper , then you need to get out of the 3D print game.
And , NO I am not remaking any part , special not for your DA ;-(

Okay i will figure it out then thanks for your support

How many times do i need to print spurs?

Are the files weird or something i clicked download all and it didnt download Inner_b_top.stl and it really small in download all

If you want the large Orrery , then just down load this , http://www.thingiverse.com/download:1528213

The motor that is shown is a STL model of the motor required. You have to supply that motor and for those who want I can give the model number and where to purchase.

Cool! But how can this model run? With motor?

I would assume that is obvious as how it works. The motor is mounted on the bottom and is powered with a separate power supply .

Very cool project. I don't see the issues that others are talking about, but I haven't printed it yet, just looking at it in Blender. Looks like it should go together fine. Pretty obvious how they go together if you load all the files at the same time, they are in their relative positions, which gives you an assembled view.

For those wanting to view the video without downloading the VOB file 3dprint.com put it up on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri8xnYpoidU

JML31347, if you'll add that link in your description text somewhere Thingiverse will put it up in the thumbnails.

Edit: This comment was for the motorized set of STL's, the individual STL's from this Thing, do appear different than the motorized set. I'd recommend anyone wanting to print it to use the motorized files.

Unless you can figure out a way to put all the stl together in your software and print the whole thing as one piece I don't think you can make this. I tried printing all pieces separate but you can't get the Sun on the sun spur nor can you get any of the gears into place. There is a small bevel at the top of the sun stud and all the gear mounting studs that prevent you from sliding the sun and geasr on. If you printed all in place then they would work to prevent everything from falling out.. Shame , it would have been great!

Just updating, it looks like the model has been fixed, it doesn't seem to have the issues it had before, i'll try printing it again and see what happens

Assembly looks easy enough... Oh wait, no, it actually looks impossible. Yeah, the moon-spur can't actually be assembled onto the earth-spur. With that in mind, and I don't have a cad program available to me right at the moment, I don't know if the gears are going to fit on the mushroom-headed pegs either. Now, if you were to print-in-place via Shapeways or if you are lucky enough to own a commercial grade SLS printer or some such you might be in business.

A real shame, though, 'cause I'd love to see an actual, workable 3d-printed orrery.

Great design ! But how do you assemble Earth/Moon ?

Have you printed this? Is assembly obvious, or could you post instructions?