Star Wars X Wing Fighter

by 660 Jul 3, 2015
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mine came out really well if you want to see make the model in timelapse check out my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vukH53-yfQk

Would this work for X Wing the game? Or is it too big. Thanks

Thanks for this model . It's really realistic .

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Its a great model going to be ideal for Legion, but I'm having trouble with the pylons on the wing tips so want to print them with a higher infill,
But I don't want to print the while model again with high infill, could we get a file with just the wing tips to print separately?

Im having the same problem and that would be greatly appreciated

Is support needed?

epic design. Thing you could make the X-foils locked in attack position? Can't maneuver down a trench at full throttle with them together...

What platform was this designed on?

anyone who can tell me how many meters play-filament it will use

Cura estimates 17.08m at 0.12mm for anybody who is still curious (I just happened to have the model sliced when I noticed this ancient question)

your slicer should be able to tell you that.

I printed this. It came out very well. Some z-banding on the weapons because they're so fine, but that's a printer limitation not the model.
If I were to print it again, I would edit the files and add in holes on the mated faces so that I could put in alignment pins. That way when you glue it, there's something for the glue to hold on to and the pieces stay well aligned. Also, since the mating faces are both on the print bed, set the printer to not overprint the first layer. By default my printer overprints the first layer at 120%. This will create a seam when you join the to sections. Set this to 100% to get a seamless fit.

I tried printing this on my Printrbot Metal. All printed well until it started printing the upper portion of the x-wing. Right when the nose and the windshield starts. After that all types of crazy stuff happened. Though the parts that did print well and look see great. I'll see if I find anything weird in the model.

Additionally I did find the blasters to be quit fragile as well. They seemed to break off without any effort whats so ever.

Has anyone tried this on an FDM maachine? I have a lulzbot mini and would love to try this...this model looks great!

I use a powder printer that can deal with this kind of file but I will make changes so that it's easier to print on FDM machines. I also see that there are some internal issues to sort out. I will re-post two versions soon, one with foils open.

This model is cool but model here on Thingiverse with the working wings is prob worth the extra time to print and assemble. Some ABS and ABS glue (acetone mixed with ABS) and some work its well worth it.

could be printed? with material support?