Retraction test

by deltapenguin Jul 3, 2015
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Anycubic i3 mega s, 200°/60°. , 0.2 layer high, wall thickness 1,infill 20% grid, retraction distance 6.5,retraction speed 60,retraction minimum travel 0.76, print speed 30

I printed this several times, and have a repeated problem. Using Slic3r, the software skips a retraction when it gets higher up in the cones. It's only between two, and it's not at a layer change. It's between the 2nd and 3rd cones on that layer's code. It just blows right to the next one without a retraction and continues.

Any idea what makes it miss a retraction?? Usually I have some kind of idea but I'm lost on this one.

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Any suggestion for massive stringing using Cura? This is more than others are reporting here. I'm running an Ender 3 using ABS for the test.

Layer Height = 0.2mm
Printing Temp = 240C
Bed Temp = 75
Retraction Distance = 7
Retraction Speed = 70mm/s
Print Speed = 35mm/s
No print cooling
Maximum Retraction Count = 400 (as recommended below)

Make sure your Bowden tube isn't moving back and forth with the retraction. Also, you can add a small amount of cooling flow to ABS prints, but you sacrifice layer bonding. Depending on the part, it can be worth it.

For ABS filament, lower temperature and slower printing speed improve the printing quality.

I mostly print ABS using 0.8 mm nozzle, which prevents printing a small object alone.
When I print a small object, I usually create another dummy model with enough distance, exact copy of the model on slicer. It gives the minimum cooling time per layer that maintains consistent quality.

Hope it helps.

Is there a good guide for tuning your results? I had some acne on mine and some particularly weird strings toward the top that I'd like to be able to reduce.

Were you ever able to remove the stringing at the top? I am having the same issue.

the scad file is wrong. please update it.

If my printer doesn't successfully print the top few layers what should I look to fix? I'm using CURA.

I had the same problem and found out that the problem disappears if you change the setting "Maximum Retraction Count". Try 400 and test it again. This solved the problem for me. I am using Cura 3 and the Creality CR10.

I tried around with a lot of settings but this was the only one that helped...

Most 3D Printers have trouble to print the top few layers. Don't worry it too much. ^^
PLA filament requires a layer fan. Reducing the printing speed is an easy solution too.

Hope it helps you.

This model is incredible for tuning stringing before taking on a bigger challenge, thanks for the upload!