Miter Razor

by Simonarri Jul 5, 2015
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Do you have the size of the board in mm?

How big should that be? Cura opens it all
In small:.
Do you have the size of the board in mm?

I've been meaning to make one. My father had one when I was a kid but I can never find them for sale anywhere. THANK YOU

Hi. Im just curious to know is it made to cut paper and cardboard or is it possible to trim my PLA print maybe?

I made one a few weeks ago to trim my PTFE tube in my FFCP. Works like a champ. Thanks

I can not get Cura or Slic3r to slice this. Anyone else??

Thank you. All is working.

The issue is that the STL, at least the bigger one, is about 6 mm x 5.1 mm wide and 1.7 mm tall. I would say it was created with imperial rather than the metric system so it is minuscule and therefore un-slice-able. Scaling it 25.4 x produces a proper size stl (it can be in NetFabb basic or any stl editing program).

really cool i made something simalar with popical sticks

I have something similar made by Micro-Mark from particle board and aluminum but I love the concept here. My only comment is maybe offer an extension to the base so if your cutting really long stock it isn't so unwieldy. That said these kinds of building aids are SO handy when doing model making especially for when you need a lot of little wood pieces the same size.

Keep up the useful design work! The world needs more stuff like this!

Cardboard Break Press, anyone? :)

I love this idea. Its much like the guillotine I used for cutting balsa wood when I made weight-bearing structures in school. I would love to have one that could use single edged razor blades. Single edged blades are much thinner than utility blades and compress soft materials less on than thicker blades, this isn't important when building decorative type objects but can make a difference in some applications.

Do you think you would ever make a version that used the single edged blades or release the source file for the handle?

Here is an example of the blades:

One problem I can see with using single-edged razor blades is they flex more than utility knife blades, so you risk getting non-perpendicular cuts in anything tougher than shrink tubing.

The source file wont help much as the inside is shaped for utility razors. Its a pretty simple form and probably would save you time if you took measurements and started from scratch.

Thanks for responding so quickly. The new files are much more digestible. :) They do seem to have been written in units of inches, which is no problem for me, as I can scale by any arbitrary amount. Even so, I think there is no preferred unit declared here in Thingiverse, so you've hardly violated any rules.

I would suggest scaling by 25.4 due to the fact the cut out in the handle is made to fit a utility knife blade. Smaller or larger and the blade wont fit as it should.

Awesome concept. However, your STL models are unnecessarily complex and are breaking my slicing software. For example, the chopbase shouldn't need more than 0.5 MB to describe what's needed. Please consider re-rendering with relaxed precision.

You're absolutely right, thanks for bringing it up. I exported with previous model settings without thinking about it. Ill upload new files.

I haven't printed this myself, but the whole concept itself is just amazing. gonna give this a try in the near future.