Improved Butterfly Knife From CS:GO by Totte, remix by Paul

by pmaybon Jul 7, 2015
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would this work with M3-12 screws?

Hi, it was a long time ago now but I think it was M2-15 but I think I cut them and I don't remember by how much. I had a quick look and I couldn't find the print, it's still around somewhere.

Give it a print and then measure it. It's a fun print, maxwiggins said he printed it at 100% infill and if you think your printer will print that without curling up I would go that way to give it a bit more weight.

Yeah whenever I print a blade it ends up looking like mud. I might have some m3-15 screws from when i assembled my printer left, but i dont wanna waste plastic.

What sort of printer do you have? If your new to 3D printing you might want to check out Makers Muse on youtube. He has heaps of great How To videos, among other things.

i made one of these at 100% it was great with 100% infill with PLA. it was overkill. great design
i used M3-15 screws

Nice im printing this for sure!

What size screws did you put in there? I know the original one called for m3 screws, didn't know since it is scaled up if it needs a bigger screw

I used 3mm screws and they are a little small but work ok, 4mm would be better.

Another Q. What layer height did you use? .1 or .2?

Hi, sorry for not getting back to you sooner (work has been crazy). I'm using MakerBot Desktop software Version I checked the setting I used, not quick default, I used "Quick" settings; Quality Standard, Raft on, Supports off, Layer Height 0.20mm, infill 30%, Number of Shells 4, Material is MakerBot PLA, Extruder Temperature 215 Degrees C. All other settings are defaults, maybe try resetting defaults and then print with those settings, I find that removing the prints from the raft as soon as the print finishes is best. I use a pair of pointy nose pliers to help remove the raft.

I have had problems with my Z axis movement due to the pulley slipping on the stepper motor shaft, lock tight fixed that. I have also had issues with the extruder and have 2 replaced on warranty. Printing quality and issues such as difficult to remove rafts were symptoms of both problems for me. Try printing the 20mm by 20mm test cube with default settings and seeing how it prints if you are having lots of problems printing.

Oh no probs. I just learned a trick for rafts! You can use your hands to peel it off of anything. All you need to do is set the Raft-Model thing to either .3 or 3... I forget now lel. But you can try that, as it worked for me! thanks for the reply!

Gotta Q for ya. Did you print with a raft? If not what print setting did you use? 'Cause every time I try to print without a raft, it always just peels off. Thanks!

I did use a raft, so far I have found it impossible to print anything without a raft on my Z18!

I tried printing with a raft but i couldn't get it off. Tips?