ZMR UNI-SPACER-v3 by Geekon

by alexnovik Jul 7, 2015
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Please can you make unispacer v3 but with 5mm arms?


new to 3d printing, does this need an island around it to print, or does that depend on the 3d printer/software?

(I printed a similar zmr spacer last week, I think it was a makerbot, spent 50% of the time doing the 'island' around it)

This island called Brim, and yes you must use it pretty much everywhere if you need good adhesion
Or if you mean Raft (several milimeters of plastic above the part) then NO, you don't need it

Are you able to make Unispacer_Vent_Slots.stl (3mm) USB on the left side?


Are you able to stack a pdb and naze 32 + minim with enough room?

I use PDB integrated into upper deck. So it stacks perfectly
Keep in mind, that all connectors must be removed and wires soldered directly to controller.

Hi, which one ist the one without the XT60 Connector thing. I need it for the 3mm arms. Thanks in Advance.


i don't think so for the 3mm arms you need Unispace_v3-3mm.stl - i've printed Unisprace_v3.stl and its for 4mm arms :/

Yeah, i've wrote it in description. Unispacer_v3.stl is for 4mm

yeah seen it now, was printing it some time ago. ill use some 1mm spacers:) thanks for the great design!

Best Spacer i have seen so far. Tough its a little bit to shallow for my build (mini pdb and naze with angled pins on top, and a mini cam in the front).

Could you make a 20mm Version of the vented one, with the extra space in back just being flat to mount some NeoPixel PCB LEDs? i have 3mm arms right now, but 4mm would be awesome as well.

I have some other changes i mind as well, but i can dremel em myself ^^ (shorter standoffs for just the 2 out Bolts, and a cutout in the Front for a cam)

Nice! question, with 3mm arms how long will the hex screws need to be and where might I find them?? Thanks for this!!

I used 21mm screws. Can't remember if i cut any. If you live in US you can order screws from McMaster Carr. I live in eastern Europe, so for me Aliexpress is the only choice

Thanks for the reply, i got lucky and my local hardware store had 16mm in stock. Fits perfect!

what is the maximum amount of space on the inside? like the inside width in mm. ive never had any luck with cc3d so want to put my kk2.1.5 in there. and also how tall is the spacer in mm? thank you for your work

10mm tall
and width about 2mm smaller than ZMR250 frame width

have you made one for 5mm arms? i was currently modifying the 3mm one with a dremel, but figured id find out if one has been made for 5mm arms first before i get too far..

No, i didn't. I didn't even knew they existed. Because 4mm is already UBER bullet proof :)
But i can do, if you want. Just tell me which version do you like

The model with the diagonal slots would be ideal.. ill have to see if a friend can print it for me. I was going to try to dremel out 2mm of the one i had printed already but if you can get the stl file and trim out 2mm on the arm holes quicker that would be sweet.


Ok, this evening (GMT+3) i'll upload 5mm version for you.

Thank you so much for posting this addition for 5mm thick arms.. cant wait to get it printed out...

Sorry, i accidentally uploaded wrong file. Will reupload now

Could you please make a flip32 dedicated spacer?
The usb port is not in the middle of the FC in there.
A vented, non xt60 adapeter spacer, for standard 3mm arms, with the usb port would be perfect for putting the esc's, and FC inside the frame. If its possible I could measure the dimentions an placing of the usb port for you.

I can, but guys, i've put .stp sources on thingiverse. So you really can do this yourself.
I can do vented spacer without any usb holes. And you can make hole with a hot knife. This way it will not crack on layers.

The problem is that I operate in solidworks an had problems with importing the stl files.
Cutting with a hot knife is ok but not so great if you're so pedantic as I am :)

Nvm about the changes, It took 20 min to draw it from scratch in solidworks with my changes and export to stl. Gonna print it out on my friends printer and if its all ok I will post it to thingieverse.

Anyway thanks for the will to help me, much appreciated.

If you look closely i export and upload STP file, which work perfectly fine in Solidworks. And thats what i've told you in my previous comment.

Unispacer_v3.stp and version with XT60 uploaded also.

Tried that file several times.
After feature recognition it always comes out with some errors - not usable for me :(

Great design. I like specially the XT60 adapter.
Have you think of add some vents to cool down the components inside the spacer ? that would be a great addon ..

thank you for this design..

I don't have components inside that can overheat. But i can add some if you want, just tell me where

I'm planning to put the ESC inside the spacer instead of over/below the arms.
If you can open some holes like these: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:916537 on the Unispacer_clamp_3mm_left_USB.stl file I think would be a good improvement.

ZMR 250 Uni-Spacer with Air-Slots
by Chr1s

Ok, here you go:

But you know, i've tried this way. BL20A fried once a week due overheat. This is not recommended setup.

Wow looks great =)

thank you for our feedback regarding your experience with that configuration.. I think I would try it but will not cut the wires to be able to move it from inside to outside the spacer ..
Many many thanks.

Thanks for the file.
The issue I faced is the xt60. The button plate and top part don't match properly because XT60 doesn't go properly inside. I think the part should be a little bit bigger.

try printing this file: Unispacer_clamp_3mm_left_USB.stl

I'll try. thanks

Looks like your plastic is shrinked or expand. Do you print ABS with cooling? Or maybe you have open box printer.
Because me and hundreds of people printed this spacer and no one argue about XT60 part.

I went with PLA and I have a cooling fan as well

Hello .... could you modify the design so that it has grooves for the esc wires?

Sure, which one?
And how many groves? 2 or 3?

Thank you, the 3mm one. If it could have a groove on the middle like the ones that don't have the xt60 mount for all 4 arms. Dunno if i explained comprehensabily.:))

Here you go

Look for new files:

Awesome ... thank you very much that is great;)