by carlofonda May 20, 2013
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Hi !
Greate book!

Is possible to translate this book on other languages ?
Im from Croatia.

This is a great publication and I plan to read it on some upcoming flights. Is the ePub version close to being done? Based on the comments it seems like it should be ready by now but I don't see it around. Thank you!

thanks for sharing that's a marvelous idea

Great! And the videos from that meeting are great,too!

Really cool! Thank you for sharing this!

Hi, any chance of other ebook formats? I might be able to help a bit (depending on what kind of app the PDF was created in).

We are working now on an iPad version (it should be ready in a few days) with enhanced contents (videos, 3D models, etc.), and after that we will release a "more standard" ePub version with the same contents as the PDF (it may take a week or so). The original source has been created with Apple Pages.

The iBook version (with a lot of enhancements, like movies, 3D models embedded, etc...) is finished and has been submitted to the Apple iBook Store for review (it will be a free download for iPad), we expect it to go live in a few days.
I'm now working on an EPUB version for other devices, it may take one more week (maybe less, since it cannot have all the multimedia/3D features of the iBook version).