Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Free Energy Adams Motor + Axial Alternator V1.0

by jose_luis Jul 8, 2015
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Very small scale .stl files. What scale % did you use when slicing? I plan to use a 36 volt / 100W solar panel to power the prime mover and to charge a lead acid battery. Maybe it can produce 'sustainable' energy.

Hola, donde están las instrucciones para el montaje de todo este conjunto?
en la descarga sólo vienen los archivos STL, en el video nos redireccionas a tu web y desde allí nos vuelves a reenviar aquí y no logro ver planos de montaje y fabricación de toda la parte eléctrica, es decir, bobinado, conexionado, vamos, esquemas resumiendo...
mira a ver si puedes adjuntarlos o insertar el link de dichos archivos, gracias

It appears that you wire the power coils in series, and I'd suggest a hall sensor instead of a reed switch ... the reed will fail quickly due to back EMF spikes/arcs. The pickup coils - I'd use #26 wire and nearly fill each former. I believe they are each wound the same. Use a potentiometer and TIP33 to switch the power coils .. via the hall sensor output.

For the alternator windings, I'd imaging you'd wire it as a 3 phase motor and all coils in the same direction. Alternate the alternator rotor magnets north/south/north/south on both of them. If you want 3 phase AC output then omit the rectifier. Use the 2nd phase as a center tap.

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Me he logeado solo para decirte que he flipado porque creía que la gente que creía éstas tonterías lo decían de coña.
Si esto funcionase habrías fundado una eléctrica y serías rico.


Free energy? ... not quite. But we can compliment this with renewable energy and make the motor EFFICIENT enough to make it useable. I've built joule thiefs, SSG's, Rodin coils etc and while I don't expect to find the holy grail of energy, I have learned a lot experimenting with these types of motors.

Thanks for sharing the design ... I plan on modifying and reproducing something based on this.

Gracias JL. me parece estupendo! y sobre todo aplaudo la iniciativa de subirlo a esta plataforma ya que como comentas entre todos se puede lograr algo y teniendo los diseños se aceleran las cosas!

It is physically impossible to get more energy out of a system than is put into it. Other physical forces, gravity, friction, etc will always effect the output. There's no such thing as 'free energy.'

Spouting engineering you have been taught??? by a system that called Tesla a Fraud and went out of its Way to Depict Tesla as a Villon??
see 1930's Superman Cartoon the Mad scientist is Tesla in that Cartoon.using Tesla's Death ray AKA Plasma Laser. a Device commonly used in CNC Metal cutters. it is thanks to Tesla we even have Lasers or Radio or AC power. Have your tried to build this Device unless you have and can prove it dose not work then you have no leg to stand on.

Oh dear, a perpetual motion machine. Please don't confuse voltage and energy. It's easy to convert a VOLTAGE to a higher one, but you always get less ENERGY out than you put in. This, I'm afraid, is no different...