Euro XY calibration

by luisonoff Jul 8, 2015
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Works nice, just printed one and X and Y almost fit, changed the flow rate a bit, and now Y Fits but X does'nt so i have to tension the belt and bit and i think X will also fit.

Also can you please remove the both Cylinders on it? Somehow they just won't print right, and i don't see any point having them on the print.

I've printed this thing and coin diameter cylinder is exactly 23,25mm but square edges goes to 41,25mm I'm very frustated about how to calibrate my printer. anybody gives me any advice? Thanks!

pd. great work with thing, more useful than 20mm cube because of my problem for example. Thanks!!

I printed this with 0.2 in Cura (PLA), and it fits - almost. What's the recommended setting for the exterior hull - 0,8 as is default in Cura, or less?

After 1 print with slic3r and 1 print with cura, Never the coin goes into one Hole. I open the file with an editor and it isn't the right dimension. You put a diameter of 23 instead 23,30

I opened the file in SketchUp und mesured 23,3mm.

I have calibrated my Anet A8 printer with the calibration cube and got an result from 2 cm +/- 0,025 on all sides. I guess my printer is calibrated fine. Now i tried to print this Euro-Test. The outer sides are fine with 4cm but i cant fit any Euro-coin through any of the slots/hole. There are missing around 2 mm on each. How could this possible be? Is the STL-file maybe "faulty" on the inner holes?

Printing with Cura 14.07, 0,2mm layer and PLA from "DasFilament" on 195°C

Your/my problem may be the the shell width. It has something to do with the effective (printed) width of a single shell, the slicer's configuration and some other factors.

Beside the outer dimensions (12,0x mm) the thickness of the real inner and outer shells depends on the configured thicknesses.If you configured a shell width of 0.4mm (size of your nozzle) but the real printed width is 0.52mm you will have some overlapping, because your slicer calculated with 0,40mm. This allows the outer dimensions to be correct (you "calibrated" the deviation away) but now your inner dimension may be 2x 0.12mm to small.

I am having the same problem since weeks. I guess, the first thing to do is to calibrate the extrusion multiplier and the Z-Offset (via display => configuration...) in a way to get close to 0.4mm shell width and 0.2mm layer high. After that you must calibrate your X, Y and Z steps.

Calibrate shell width some kind of hollow box (40x40x20 in vase mode)
Calibrate X,Y,Z steps with: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:195604

I am printing "DasFilament" PLA on 205°C (215°C +/- 15° is mentioned by the manufacturer - but I don't trust the measured values!) and my effective (printed) layer high is 0.19mm and the shell width is 0.42mm. Can't get it more precisely without under extrusion.

Nevertheless, the inner diameters are always about 0.2mm to 0.5mm too small. :/

STEP Calibration Piece (X, Y and Z axis)
by voltivo

My hole is not round... its a slight oval shape thus the coing doesnt fit.
it is biggest distance in the lengt from the small round to the small square.
how do i adjust my printer to get it good?
its a delta print tower

If your hole is distorted in diagonal I think you cannot fix it just changing X or Y steps. Check your printer geometry, and assembly, and wiring, or maybe (last chance) find some extra parameter to calibrate in firmware?

Usefull! i don't have a caliper so this is great!

No problem. Glad it helps others. :)