Collapsible Altoids 3D Viewer

by dj505 Jul 9, 2015
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Hmm so to remove the left and right images and just maintain the central 3d one. I think you'd need a piece down the middle to seperate the individual eye's views.
This could be made from flexible filament to maintain collapsibility.
polyflex pla is almost with untearable with just a single 0.3mm layer. make the divider from two 0.2mm layers and it should do the job while being totally flexible..

right now got to find somewhere to get lenses. I have a set of stereoscopic images I made a long time ago. This little viewer would be ideal :-)

So where should I be looking for lenses ?

Good idea! Thanks! I'll have to try that. If you need cheep lenses, and you have a Dollarama near you, there are these little "hands-free binoculars" you can buy for $3. If you pop out the big lenses in the front, they work perfectly. Just make sure to print the version with the shorter arms.

The binoculars look like this:

no dollarama in england :-)
never seen those glasses/binos before. But can probably get them on amazon :-)

no good...no stable object

What do you mean? If you mean it's a bit flimsy when you open it and it can fall down, that's the point. It needs to be that way to be collapsible. When open, you need to hold it open with your hand.

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Right now a VR viewer for iPhone 5 (similar to the Google Cardboard, but more compact) that fits inside an Altoids tin when folded is under development. When it's done, you'll be able to play VR games anywhere, as long as you have your phone!

Also, FIRST! :D