30oz & 20oz - Yeti mug handle

by ktjennin Jul 9, 2015
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I have a mug that I got as a gift that is an off brand. With some modifications I should get it to fit with your plans. I turned you plans upside down and should get it to print with minimum support material.

What material are people using? I just printed with PETG and the handle snapped easily at 40% infill. Might be my settings with PETG.

I tried to print it and found the handle is a separate part. It was really not connected when it printed. Also it was too big for the mug. I had simplify3d repair it and the handle connects. I also scaled down the ring and now it fits.

I sliced this with simplify3d and even at 100% infill the handle isn't connected to the main piece. After printing it fell apart when removing it from the bed. I also printed at 102% which unfortunately allows the mug to slide completely through. I'll slice with Cura and see what happens.

This looks like a great design and i need to make it for a 30 oz yeti mug, but whenever I try to make it, it gets all messed up and it doesn't print the holder. Instead it prints just a bunch of filament trying to make it. I know that it cannot be my printer though because other things will print. PLEASE HELP ASAP

I printed the 30 oz. handle and the cup fell right through Good design need modifying BAD fit around the cup to big 1/2 into big

You must have some setting wrong. I've printed around 10 of them and usually have just enough gap to put black electricians tape inside to keep it from scratching the metal. And provide a snug fit.

As an FYI, saying 'do not sell this, personal use only' does not mean people can not sell it... it is licensed otherwise, meaning people can sell it all they want without any legal issues. If you don't want people to sell it, change your license. Though, also check to make sure you're allowed to change it anyway, because whatever object you used to remix this or whatever, may have a thing stating you can't change it.

I'm not sure what the deal is with then breaking. I've had mine for over a year, use use it every day, and no issues.
There's a guy on here that modded my design slightly to fix the same issue you guys had. Give it a shot. I think it was the 20oz.

I would use 100% infill if possible.

I've broken 2 and had a coworker break his as well.

Otherwise great design and I use it on my "ozark trail" walmart knock offs of the Yeti

I printed the 20oz version. But the handle is barely attached. It popped right off. Looking at the model there is this huge air gap.

I am using Simplify3D to slice mine and am having this same issue. It is printing them as two separate pieces. Once the support has been removed, there is nothing holding the handle to the ring. When looking at the model on the main screen, it looks fine as if all is one piece. However, once it is sliced, there is an air gap between separating them into two pieces. Has anyone else see this? Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

Thanks in advance, Brian P.

I can't load this into Autodesk Fusion 360. When I load the file into my printer interface it's standing on its handle, I have no way to flip it over. I don't think it would print standing on the handle will it?

Scaling it down will work, I had one do that when I changed nozzles and my settings weren't right. I just put either electrical tape, or double sided foam tape depending on how big of a gap I was filling.

Ok thanks ill try it

i printed this using abs and it seemed to come out great, but it is too big for my mug and slides all the way over the top. i have the 30 oz mug and printed the 30 oz model should i just try scaling the model down a little bit?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i printed and had the same issue. I found that using the soft side of velcro strips works great. I used 4 small pieces...front back and both sides and the more you use it the better it fits. It comes with the sticky side so there is no messy glue involved.