Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

UBQ 180 200 unibody quadcopter

by alpinedrones Jul 10, 2015
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Any chance of re-designing the top low rider to a high rider so I can fit a normal size cam on it or inside the body. Thanks for your time and I love your frames, they are the best ones out there.

thanks for your kind words and interest in my frame designs. short answer: no. longer answer: I'm currently working on a complete re-design of the ubq and also the lowrider version. 3d printing - especially filaments - has come a long way since these frames were designed. I'll take that and my personal experience with quads and printing into account and release a new series of quads soon. best regrads

This design is beautiful! Any chance of seeing an updated version of the 200 frame?

thank you! it could take some time, but there might be an updated version of both frame sizes coming in summer. the main reason for the update is the fact that other materials than ABS and PLA are far more popular than they were back then when I designed this frame.

what design software do you use? thanks

Printed a 200mm in PLA as a backup to main machine when out flying. Thrashed the absolute crap out of it last time I was out. Crashed it a few times without any breakage. Low rider version is awesome. :)

Just thought I would comment, After rebuilding my quadcopter with your frame im loving it even more!!
Brilliant little design, just enough clearance for 5" props on the 200mm model. Thankyou.

Best all plastic quad out there,built at least 5 all work brill,now on toby x cause i crash alot but thanks for a top design..a+++++

Would I be completely wasting my time if I printed this in PLA? At the moment it's the only material I can print.. I've been flying quads for a while and I was thinking of making this as a little FPV cruiser rather than pushing it to the limit so I wouldn't be expecting massive crashes (famous last words).

Thanks! PETG is the next filament I'll be trying once I've upgraded the hotend on my printer (right now it would struggle to maintain PETG temperatures). But it sounds like I could still have some fun with PLA in the meantime :)

PLA should work quite well, ABS is what I use, PETG could be also really great (and almost exactly the same to print as PLA)

I have a few frames printed in PETG. The base plate will have some flex but if you pair it with a PLA low rider style top it makes for a stiff and durable frame.

Go for it, as long as you don't crash- PLA is still the most stiff filament.

Hi AlpineDrones.

I really like your UBQ180 frame. Would you allow me to get it cut from carbon fiber? I could get armattan productions to cut it out for me and I will keep the design private. I will not make any profit from it.

Good luck buy has put my frame up for sale as well :(. I asked them to take it down. It says out of stock now but I'm not sure if that is because I asked.


Any custom MMIX for this frame?

for the 180 it's

mmix 1 1.000 -1.000 0.735 -1.000
mmix 2 1.000 -1.000 -0.735 1.000
mmix 3 1.000 1.000 0.735 1.000
mmix 4 1.000 1.000 -0.735 -1.000

for the 200 it's

mmix 1 1.000 -1.000 0.815 -1.000
mmix 2 1.000 -1.000 -0.815 1.000
mmix 3 1.000 1.000 0.815 1.000
mmix 4 1.000 1.000 -0.815 -1.000

Awesome, thanks!

I made a few changes to the v4 frame. I removed the camera bracket mounting holes, filled in a few other holes, added 2 cross braces, added 1mm of material around the standoff holes and added slots to the frame for a bottom mounted battery strap. The top plate was changed by adding 1mm of material around the whole perimeter of the top plate, filled in a few holes and the ubq letters and made the camera notch deeper for a higher camera angle. I've also made an adjustable camera bracket for the HS1177 camera that takes the place of the front standoffs. I'll post a re-mix tomorrow.

Any chance you could post up the original solid file on the low rider please i had an idea for a remix but for some reason i cant get it to convert to solid

Great quad design, built the first one for acro and liking it so much going to build another for FPV,THANKS AWESOME.

Trying to build a 249 gram quad and I was wondering what this thing weighed.

it will be a bit difficult to get this one below 250g AUW. I'd recommend this quad, mine weighs 240g without batt: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1139099

ad X

I'd buy the components seperately. I'd use other ESCs and personally I don't like 5030 props at all. I'd go for DAL or HQ 5040 propellers or Gemfan 5045

Hi. Was wondering if u could help put together an affordable BoM. I am a student and my max budget is like 120 (not including transmitter receiver)

Hi, well it depends. You should decide what ubq you'd like to print and if you'd like to fly 3s or 4s. I'll recommend a basic setup with 3 variations of motors:

Naze32 running cleanflight
Afro 12A ESCs (cheap, sufficient, integrated BEC, blheli-flashable and in personal use without issues for almost a year now)
Eachine 200mw 5.8ghz FPV combo (not a great camera, but also sufficient and very budget-friendly)
CP Antennas

then you should decide what frame you'd like and if you'd like to run 3s or 4s batteries

  1. UBQ 180 3s
    RCX1306 3100kv motors
    850-1300mah 3s batteries
    gemfan 4045 propellers

  2. UBQ 200 3s
    DYS1806 2300kv motors
    1300mah 3s batteries
    your favorite 5" propellers

  3. UBQ180 4s
    DYS1806 2300kv motors
    850-1000mah 4s batteries
    4045 bullnose propellers

All these builds will be on the budget side, but no junk. I fly version 3 for almost half a year now and had no issues except of stuff breaking in crashes. but all the components are really tough in my opinion.

EDIT: I'd recommend the UBQ200 3s setup if you're new to miniquads.

Only downside of that is the eachine 200mw transmitter i burnt 2 out on mine due to not enough airflow i was using the lowrider design i have switched to 25mw for now and that works fine but obviously reduced range. I was thinging of adding a cutout for a heatsink on the lowrider and remix it to allow bigger vtx

I've also burnt two eachine et200 transmitters, but I wouldn't blame insufficient cooling, but voltage spikes. But anyways, you're right that cooling cutouts would be a good idea.

I sell starter quantities of NInjaFlex if anybody is interested.

Comments deleted.

What components r u using exactly? and what is ur transmitter/reciever of choice?

I currently use following setup:

Turnigy 9XR pro with frsky djt module

on my 180:
Frsky D4Rii
Flip32 running Cleanflight
diy 36*36mm pdb
Afro 12A blheli 14.1
dys 1806 2300kv
cut down 4045 propellers
diy mini fpv combo

on my 200:
Frsky D4Rii
Naze32 CF
PDB with integrated 12 and 5V bec
sn20a blheli (might swap to kiss)
dys 1806 2300 (might switch to cobra 2204 2300)
Gemfan 5045 bullnose
standard fpv equipment

several 4s batts

The radio/receiver combo works great!

How about the weight of the copter? Is it heavier than comparable carbon copters?

I'd say no or not significantly heavier. the 180 frame weights about 80g including all screws and spacers. The finished copter (ready to fly, incl. fpv) weighs 283g without battery and additional camera.

Hey ! awesome design, do you have any pids to share please ?


I'm currently running Cleanflight 1.8.1 on my Naze32 (haven't found time to setup 1.9 or test beta flight yet) - pids might be different on newer versions.

PID 2 (Luxfloat)
Looptime 1200
P+R 1.5/0.3/25
Y 5.5/0.5/0

Thanks a lot ! By the way i found out that the stock pids on baseflight for a quadx are pretty cool, no need to tune to fly. If you want to get more perf, you will have to for sure, but not to fly the cool way :)

what camera are you using on the lowrider?

I use this cam http://www.banggood.com/Mini-Coms-FPV-90-Degree-600tvl-Camera-3_6mm-NTSC-PAL-p-986149.html but switched the lens for a 808#16 D lens. It's some work, but it's a decent cam with a great FOV and and good performance. I'm currently working on a different lowrider top for a bit bigger cams.

Excellent work. Thanks!

thank you! have fun building and flying!

What is everyone doing for their power distribution? Are you using a pdb or just making a harness?

I'm using a pdb. usually looks like this: https://instagram.com/p/6WybQZFtZ_/

on builds with opto ESCs I use pdbs with on board bec

Hi alpinedrones, I made a 20 degree GoPro/Xiaomi Yi mount. Previous one was too heavy lol.


Xiaomi Yi / GoPro strap mount for the UBQ

nice design to bad it wont fit my flashforge dreamer bed, now I really miss my mendelmax printer T_T

Can I mount a mobius on the 200?

yes, you can! I use a RunCam HD on my 180. it's mounted on top and the 4S 850mah battery sits right behind it. tilted mounts for mobius/runcam will be released sometimes soon.

Are you getting any closer to releasing a file for the mobius mount? I may have to come up with something to hold my mobius on until I find a better design.

yes, I might release the file within the next week. it's thought to be placed on top of the frame. the battery would have to be mounted beneath the quad IMO. the upcoming versions of the main frames are going to have holes to mount the battery to the bottom. I'm planning to release just one mor frame version of each size, which means that those are going to be the final versions. I hope you understand that it might take a little longer to release final versions. but the Möbius Mount will be out soon!

I like the idea of mounting the battery on the bottom of the frame, good idea! :)

Would you be willing to desgin a 10,15,20,25 degree board camera mount?

I'm sorry, but unfortunately I don't plan to design a tilted mount. I think it's too copious to design and use a tilted mount and use this method instead: http://bit.ly/1H2V5jr (posted by Dale Clifton to MiniQuadClub on Facebook)

Could you please share the CAD files for this? Also, are you using any FEA for how the arms will react during impact?

FEA has been done, but it is extremely hard to do for FDM 3D printing due to the specific and somewhat hard to calculate material properties. You have to design stuff completely different than you would with other materials in mind. A lot of testing and also failing is involved. V2 has been hammer and crash tested a lot and does very well. V3 has still to be tested.

What software are you using for the analysis? Solidworks? NX?

I come from architecture and use GSA for my calculations because I know the program. A friend of mine, a automotive engineer, also made some calculations, but I don't know what software he used. But as I've said, it's quite hard to use FEA because of material/technique-based issues like delamination.

Gotcha! Any chance you can share the CAD files?

Unfortunately not. I never give away originals and cad files for objects.

Thanks for the great upload. Would you consider uploading the v1 180 frame. I would love to try that style with the mounting for 1806 motors. Thanks

180 v1 is back on. you can use 1806 motors on v2 and v3 as well. I use them on v3. have fun with it :)

Hey thanks for the upload, iv just printed this and cant wait to get it built, do you have any plans in the future to design a skirt for the top section maybe 20mm to keep it low profile and everything enclosed
Many thanks

Yes, I guess the skirt should be out in a few weeks. I'm waiting for some parts from China (e.g. a smaller fpv camera). I'm going to desing a skirt when those arrive. And i thought about 15- 20mm height ;)

excellent ,great work