guns are bad

by Gecko May 21, 2013
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This is some meme material right here.

Its cheaper to just buy a gun. A Nice DB380 or DB9 for $169. You cant go wrong. Funny sign.

Thankfully alot of the "3d printed firearm" videos now are being fabricated by laser fusion printers.

at least someone agrees with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won't print a gun for anybody. I might print one for myself as a curiosity, and to have the files. It is illegal to manufacture and sell firearms without the proper licensing, but you can make one for yourself.

Its not illegal to make firearms for personal use. You cannot sell them.

The so called 3d printed guns are not metal free. barrel and hammer, springs, etc all need to be metal. please dont think you can shoot a real bullet with a plastic gun. if somehow you manage to ignite the primer, you can say good bye to that hand.

Can be done with a nail as a firing pin. There are some designs that only require that metal, and others that require more

ill print you a gun with my milling machine and lathe setup...

Just printed a 1:8, 1:4, 1:2 Glock 17, i won't print this sign _)))

Came here looking if the Liberator was on Thingiverse out of curiosity.
This is so much better to print instead of a gun.

So.... Will you print me a gun?

The mentality that causes people to think 3D printing is about making guns is the same ignorance that causes people to believe in the "gun show loophole"
because of the propaganda of the anti rights gang, most people think there are no regulations, so when asked they say we should have more. If they knew the restrictions that existed, most people would not be begging for more.
The ideology that would restrict guns is the same that would restrict printers, it is anti self defense, anti self reliance, anti innovation and anti individual.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how much do you hate me for this? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2258340

Guns are Great

Dude guns are the f***ing best. Its dumb people that do dumb things with them.

I totally agree

I couldn't agree more.

You got it all wrong, guns are not bad, it is only a tool. If you think a gun is bad, I guess cars are also. Do not forget, The USA was created with a gun.

Don't oversell it. The USA was literally created by a pen.

it was created with a pen really?! yeah just screw the fact that we had to start a war with the British to gain freedom right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Revolutionary_War https://www.battlefields.org/learn/articles/american-revolution-faqs

Gecko that was only after the gun allowed us the freedom to do so and the ability to defend that freedom. So the pen and gun go hand in hand.

Guns are great, I will debate that with anyone. But that doesn't mean that printing one is a good idea. It is inconvenient, slow, frustrating if you get it wrong, and not even the quality that a regular gun is. I like the idea of this, but an f-bomb is not required or necessary, and the title is wrong (unless you mean 3D Printed guns, they are bad for the one printing them AND using them).

Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

Thank GOODNESS for this. Whenever I tell people I have a 3d printer, they always say "Have you made a gun? or "Can you make me a gun?"

I wonder how many crazies flagged this design.

Because some idiots learned to use a CAD program

Guns kill like pens can't spell.

Humor them.. Print them a gun..... a Rubber band gun! or the other one I saw on here that shoots out plastic balls with only printed spring

we are all printers here! We should know that plastic shrinks, so printing a lower for an AR 15 for instance is actually a challenge. first off you need a printer that can print 9 inches to achieve the length needed. Printers of that size are pricey, To print a lower that does not shrink at all you will need a printer running in the 10s of thousands or more... at that point just buy a cnc and build them out of aluminum. And that pistol that was all plastic that everyone was scared about... from day one it had metal in it, and could actually be detected in airports. not to mention the firing pin broke after a shot or two... If your going to ban guns your going to have to ban drills lathes mills and anything of that character. so good luck and happy shooting XD

Totally agree with you, "If your going to ban guns your going to have to ban drills lathes mills and anything of that character" has been my standard refrain for a long time.

I don't know why people are so afraid of guns when you could smuggle a pack of sharpened pencils and start shanking people or something like a pen or any pointed object really, it's not like you can ban everything.

I got a 16X16 bed for $1600

Here in Australia 9 inches is pretty average ;)

No some people are bad, not gun's.

I've made several guns in my kitchen... and garage. It's not illegal in the US. Those who know to use hardened steel parts will have no problems buying parts from other guns and implementing them into their own design.

But it should be their own design - not yours, or one they download.

Guns are what keep us free

I will never print you a gun, but i already have mine!!!! XD
( just kidding)

I Printed the liberator and the grizzly rifle, owning a gun is a fantasy in my country ( Belgium).
ironically because we make the best guns in the world :p.
However now that i can make a gun it is still impossible becaue you cannot buy bullets.
The closest thing i got to a bullet was a .380 (alarmpistol bullet) from a friend of mine.
However i had to atleast try 3 times before the hammer finnaly punched a whole in the primer.
the gun did not explode or got damaged in any way, the barrel was made in 100% PLA not ABS.
It took 3 day's to print a gun. in my opinion a wast of material and time...

Sorry :/ but can i get the grizzly stl files?

Private post me your email adres

I sent to you

oh same with my situation

get out of here guns are swag

Gecko, you're completely missing the point. It doesn't matter that you worked in a gun factory. Whether or not home made firearms meet anyone's standard of safety is totally irrelevant. The Liberator represents a political position. It represents the futility of censorship, centralized planning, and gun control.

I agree with you! Although it is legal for anyone to manufacture a weapon it is illegal to transfer ownership to another person as well as dangerous.

Any chance of sharing the original (I'm hoping SketchUp) for remixing? I'd like to make a plaque rather than desk stand version so I can bolt it to the front of the cart my printer lives on. I could probably import the STL into SketchUp but I have had mixed results doing things like that.

It took a lot of work but I was able to remix from the STL and posted it as a remix, so, nevermind.

Printing a full firearm may be a bad idea, but I can assure you that the printed 30 round mags work great! The printed AR-15 lower receiver, when used with standard parts otherwise, has also been demonstrated to fire 600+ rounds without failure. Since the lower is the part considered a firearm under US law, technically you can indeed print a working firearm and order the other needed (load-bearing) parts online. Printing your own firearms is perfectly legal (in the US) as long as they're for personal use. If someone else wants one they technically need to manufacture it themselves, i.e. they'd lease the machine time from you and execute the built command themselves, which would satisfy the relevant ATF regulations. Check out http://defcad.orgdefcad.org for .stl files.

I completely agree about the constant questions about guns. I give seminars on 3D printing and that question is guaranteed on being asked a few times. I love the fact that the guy made the gun file available, but it really did set 3D printing back a few steps.

cool thing but i hate the title

My work desk NEEDS this. yesterday

I cant wait to print out the gun, just dont trust my printer yet :/

Know a gunsmith -- possibly the only guy I know whose legally allowed to print that thing -- who tried one out of morbid curiosity.

It took four tries to fire, destroyed itself instantly when it did, and only scratched the target.

He did not print it out of ordinary plastic, he printed it out of special ceramic-reinforced resin. Yours would be even WORSE.

It's a stupid idea.

thats why I have C-Clamps and string... who cares if it explodes.

"Who cares if it explodes" is the exact reason for this sign, in the firearms industry this attitude will get you fired and walked out of the factory. I am an absolute opponent of people attempting to make their own firearms without the skills, qualifications and resources to do so, but if you will, do yourself a favour and investigate the typical type testing, proof firing and manned firing practices and procedures before jumping in. A fixed mount and a string is a good start but before you get to that point write down some basics like how you will inspect the headspacing, sear, trigger and firing pin to make sure it's not going to fire unintentionally? What will be your process if you get a soft struck round and it doesn't fire? Once you have fired your first round and proved to yourself that you can do it what will you do with the gun afterwards? Have you got a way to inspect it afterwards to check for defects? If you no longer need it how will you securely destroy it? Have you got a safe way to store it and any spare components you made? What will you do with the g-code made on your computer? How can you guarantee to yourself that a gun made on your printer (by you or anyone else) will not be used in a crime and you end up in jail or sued through a civil court for everything you own?

If you insist on making a firearm at home, from the moment you press "slice" you are now a gun manufacturer and you are required to behave as one.

I don't mean to sound like I'm on a rant, but I am trying to get people to really consider why they would want to print a gun in the first place.


dosnt fire, follow normal protocol for that situation
destroy it, many choices: fire, acetone, BFH
Storage: beside my AR-15
Gcode: save it for later
Crime: not concerned, same principles for if someone steals any of my current firearms.

Anything i didnt answer really doesnt concern me.

Well it sounds like you are an experienced professional well versed in the manufacture and testing of experimental firearms. Just try not to hurt anyone.

if I ever print it, that is the plan, thanks.

This is great. Now I have to make a coin with this on it, so when someone asks me, I can flip then the coin before flipping them the..... You definitely inspired me on this one. :)

I keep getting this error when trying to slice, any help?

10:58:01 AM: <slic3r> Warning: The input file contains a hole near edge 9.878809,62.840088,0.000000-11.521480,63.968334,0.000000 (not manifold). You might want to repair it and retry, or to check the resulting G-code before printing anyway.</slic3r>

I've repaired the file using Netfabb. Should have no problems now.

Gotta say, it is cool to prove a point about guns... just so f...... annoying what this will mean to our open and free way of using printers right now... I am afraid it will be really limiting for the future of 3D printing... :-( Could they just have waited 20 years to do that crap...

Excellent initiative

So... did you print a gun?

so it's still not simple and concise enough hey.

guns are bad, m'kay. if you use them, you are bad. so don't be bad, m'kay, by using guns. 'cause guns are bad.

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I have been going on to friends family and any one I can about 3d printing for ages and most people don't ask what i use it for.
when the printed gun hit the BBC news every one in spoke to that day and quite a few since have asked me if i make guns.

I wish they had not made it, I am fed up with telling people its a lump of crap and would probable kill the user first.

I hope no one make one and commits a crime with it.

When asked if I have printed a gun, I generally answer "No, but I printed a knife." I then point out that there are far easier ways to make a gun, and far better uses for my printer.

My quote on guns: Guns don't kill people, people don't kill people, pissed off people kill people.

My quote when asked about printing a gun: I don't print guns, I print dildo's (and I show them a dildo).
But thanks for the sign! :-)

I work in a factory engineering environment and when thinking of stuff to print a lot of my work mates came up with sex aids long before weapons,
need a mod the sign and add "or butt plug" to the end of it. :)

Nice -- for everyone else that is frustrated with the anti-3D printing gun craze -- consider entering this "3D Printers for Peace Contest" and win yourself a 3D printer for your troubles. http://www.mtu.edu/materials/printersforpeace/http://www.mtu.edu/materials/p...

can you extend this to Canada?

Done -- the contest is open to all Canadians and Americans.

Awesome, thanks!

Thank you! Those jerks have really screwed up a cool thing. These days all I hear is "Are you going to print a gun? Have you printed a gun yet? When are you going to print a gun?" It's like that's ALL they can wrap their little minds around!!! They watch the unending glut of man-with-gun fairy tale movies and TV shows, and then somehow think the real world is like that, and everything revolves around guns and guns and more guns. &%#@*!!!!!

I disagree. The media is to be blamed for the hype surrounding 3D printing and weapons. In the US it is perfectly legal to build your own firearms and 3D printing is just being explored as another tool to do that.

Guns aren't bad (although this isn't the place to debate that) but I do love the sign. It cost me more to build my printer than it did to buy my pistol that has a lot more functionality than the Liberator.

The worst part is that when some people talk about 3d printing they can only think about weapons. this comment on a youtube video is a perfect example:
"Boring? Hell no. This is a moment our children are going to look back at and it'll be talked about for time to come, when people were able to manufacture plastic weapons. We have so many unexplored aspects of this technology that we will need to be explored.

That aside, I can't wait to see the other designs? to come, I mean there's hundreds of different real guns, just seems to me weapons made by people themselves at their home, eventually we're going to have thousands of different designs."

Yes because there is absolutely nothing else worth while that you can do with a 3d printer except printing guns.

Sigh, AMEN! I almost want to print one and afix it to the Makerbot Replicator at work

Sadly this is one of the first 5 things, anyone thinks of when they hear you built/own a 3D printer...

For me, it's the first thing, at least in my area.

Most people don't understand they're good for about one shot, assuming it doesn't blow up in your face if it doesn't fuse right.

Yep, I keep telling them, you can get the same result with a pair of pliers to hold the casing and a little hammer to hit the primer.