Trefoil Tentacle

by gianteye May 21, 2013
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Do you have 3D model for the molded tubes? Instead of casting them i would like to 3D print them

I can't help but think you've created an artificial muscle here! Very cool!

I have seen enough hentia to know where this is going...

Well, it is made of silicone

What if you put another tube up the center and put a lightweight air powered dart gun on the tip? Or maybe a claw grabber?

It seems that the tentacle becomes longer when inflated. Could be an impression or even a desired effect but, I think it could be possible to insert a wire as a central axis, limiting the extension but not the flexibility of the tentacle. the wire would redirect that extension force to flexing more efficiently the limb.

Just a thought, and may be wrong :P

Very nice work!

A great example of taking 3dp a step further!

I've been showing your project to people to demonstrate what can be accomplished by combining FDM with other manufacturing methods.

Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm glad the project is making an impact.

Although I think this project could be done with a well tuned FDM machine, I've never tried it. All of these parts are made with powder printing through repurposed z-corp machines. The advantage is how easy it is to completely seal the molds without having to worry about cracks, and that I can get any geometry out of the machine without having to worry about overhangs or undercuts.

I have some plans on printing some of the core pieces using a soluble FDM material. Keep an eye out for some more experiments pretty soon.

This is great work, excellent job!

WOW! Amazing! Way to think out of the box!

Thank you so much.

Thanks for sharing about this project here -- especially your hard-fought moldmaking/casting techniques!

Thanks. I'm happy to share, especially if people can take what I've built and stretch it into their own creations. I seriously think that soft robotics could take off if there were more people working on getting the techniques for actually making a robot simpler and more well known.