SD Card Holder

by jpcw Jun 12, 2011
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Although designed to be a firm fit for SD cards this model works great for my PS Vita game cards which are 0.25mm thinner. Took my time with this print and used a 0.20mm layer height on my replicator with 10% infill... Very solid print :)

Any problems with static charge? Sometimes if I abort a print in PLA within the first few layers, when I scrape it off it clings to my blade from nothing more than static electricity. I don't have ABS to print with, but I'm curious if someone's ever had any issues with either material.

Not had any prblems with static on any of my prints or when using the card holder. Never used PLA so maybe ABS doesn't suffer from the same problem.

Could you post your source files? Please!

I have posted the source, unfortunately I overwrote the original, this one has slightly looser slots

Printing in PLA using POM has the slots a bit loose, and they will fall out.

could you design it with wider slots and some spring tension? i like it!

I've done a design with some wider slots but haven
’t printed it yet. Good idea about the spring tension, I'll have a look at that. It does work fairly well as is as long as you don’t force the cards in. As it’s a fairly tight fit it I don’t know how it will go on different printers, my makerbot thing-o-matic works out just about prefect but
a larger tip might result in it being a bit too tight.