Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Raspberry pi camera case/enclosure

by VGer May 21, 2013
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Unfortunately the pins on the case that hold the camera PCB were slightly misaligned and prevented it from fitting together. Too bad - otherwise it looks like a nice, simple design. Printed on my PRUSA i3 MK2 using PRUSA slicer and standard settings.

Perfect snap in fit awesome

Comments deleted.

Maybe a dumb question, but is a M3 nut the standard size for a point and shoot tripod mount?

no, 1/4in 20tpi is the most common

Thanks for the info tramalot.

I have a similar one for mounting to a micro servo motor. Just keep in mind that for both of these mounts, the cheaper Arducam version of the camera like this one: http://www.amazon.com/Arducam-Megapixels-Sensor-OV5647-Raspberry/dp/B012V1HEP4/, the mounting holes are reversed and the flat wire gap needs to be deeper.

These designs were menat for the original camera modules 3 years ago.
Will need to redesign these some time in the future to cater for new options.
Thanks for letting me know Wreck.

Is there a way for you to upload the source files. I would like to mod this but don't want to start with an STL conversion.

Sorry WheresWaldo, just seen your post.
I am afraid that stl is all there is available right now.
Bear in mind these designs are 3 years old.

I just printed back ver 0.4 and front ver 0.4.2
Printed perfectly. Pins fit camera board and the case snapped together perfectly. Excellent design. No modifications necessary Imo.

Really good to know.
Happy New Year.

Toooo large STLs. Please reduce the number of Verts!!!!!!

Just printed out your v0.4.2 version and the corners now fit OK. Great! However, two side rails of the front case half extend a few mm into interference with the edge tabs on both sides of the PCB flex connector. This is with newer camera PCB bought July 2013- was original board different? Did they change flex connector vendors? Anyway I had to trim the rail edges back to fit the PCB inside. Those were also snap features, so as a consequence the case front/back are no longer held together.

Can you post pictures of the modified connector?

My calipers say the new locking tab is 22.9 wide from edge to edge, while the white body of the connector is 20.1 mm wide. PCB is 25.1 x 23.9 mm. Photo at https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/Gu71TU5Cahf4-pDgwnNbatMTjNZETYmyPJy0liipFm0?feat=directlinkhttps://picasaweb.google.com/l...

I concur with this, on a version 1.3 camera board.

I broke off the 4 pins when trying to push the camera on without realizing that I needed to cut material away from the print.

If you take off 2-2.5mm off the rails on the base model it will be fine.

I trimmed the rail edges on the STL file.

Try this for the new camera version


Case backplate - Update for Version 1.3 of Raspberry Pi Camera

I never used a MakerBot before today, but this inspired me. There is one at work so I figured it out, and this was my first print! (after a few problems due to print speed mm/sec set too fast). Snaps together solidly, very pleased. The front case half has two square interior corners and two rounded ones. The camera seemed to sit more centered after I (carefully) filed off two edges of the PCB to also be round. Photos at https://picasaweb.google.com/109928236040342205185/Raspberry_Pi#5884404810961254930https://picasaweb.google.com/1...

Case radii modified in v0.4.2.
Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for the comment, I will be reducing the radii on the interior corners... I have been thinking about removing many of the interior features of the camera because they lead to longer print times.

Add some round posts at each side, which fit into an external U-shaped bracket, which in turn has a post on the bottom matching a baseplate, and you could have a swivel-holder allowing adjustable pan and tilt.

jbeale, you are genius.
I will get to work on it right away... Thanks for the advice.

Great case design, thanks for making this! I would like to use the camera with a wide angle lens accessory (Google: iPhone wide angle lens). They come with a self-adhesive metal washer that sticks around existing lens, then the accessory lens with magnetic surface can snap on or off. For this to work well, the case surface should be nearly flush to the lens front, and also not have too much clearance between hole and lens (ID of hole barely larger than OD of lens). Design may be good enough for this already, not sure.

Yes OI have tried. Fitting a phone lens was my first intent for this design.

Thanks ..
Need a Remix with a kind of a tripod...

I'm jealous, still waiting for mine! Very nice design, plus loving the blogs on this and the crazyflie. Again I'm jealous as I can't get mine running due to the USB 3 problem!

Thanks indieflow it is definetly encouraging to read your comments.
USB 3 problem?

Yeah Crazyradio won't work with USB 3's!

Hi VGer,

could you please upload the design-files? I would like to remix your design so I can mount it to my printer.


hlx, let me know what features you need and I will prepare a version for you.

a mounting hole for M3 screws would already do nicely, thx :)

hlx, I have added an m3 screw place to the case.