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Dual Extruder Conversion - X Axis Carriage Adapter for Folger Prusa i3

by Hydroslide Jul 13, 2015
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What is the length of the screws needed to hold the adapter plate to the original X carriage bracket?

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Is this to much weight for the x axis? What speed's are you guys printing at?

Its definitely not too much weight for moving the X axis. I've had it installed for about 8 months now. Speed is not an issue. I'm able to print on my quickest draft settings and still achieve high quality. The only weight concern is the effect it could have on the Z axis. Its a bit of weight hanging far in front of the X carriage. Therefore there is potential for some vibration or wobble on the Z axis when a bump, jolt or quick start occurs. Personally, I haven't noticed this.

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Can slic3r slice for 2 different extruders/colors? If not, what program do you use?

Yes. Each color must be a different STL model. Slic3r lets you load and position multiple models on the plater. You must specify which extruder should be used for each model. I do this through Repitier because it's built in plater is easy to use.

i like the idea. But if you would have spaced them out just a bit more, you could have used the inner two motor mount holes through the existing carriage directly into the motors.

I considered that, but it would have made the X offset huge. The goal of this design was to minimize the amount of bed size lost to the offset. Remember, in order to print a model that uses 2 extruders, both extruders must be able to reach the same locations. The further they are set apart, the sooner you will bump into the physical limit of travel for the X axis carriage. Basically, as your offset gets bigger, your bed gets smaller.

Very true and good point. I plan on trying this on my ft2020 very soon. Thank you for the design.

No problem. Be sure to post a Make of your print when you get it done.

i just got a brand new printer

i wanted to ask
since my desk is not 100% level will that matter to the printer

just 1/4 of inch out level from left edge to middle

It shouldn't really matter if your desk isn't level. What matters is if the printer bed is level relative to the printer head. There are various guides out there but the basic concept is that you want to adjust the X/Y level of your bed so that the Z gap to the print head at all 4 corners is equidistant.

Are you just pushing the filament through to load the filament in the extruder? I noticed the spring handle is not in place in your photos. Thanks!

ahhhh,, nevermind. The 2020 i3 comes with a MK9 type extruder. I'll have to tinker and see how to install two of these side by side with the spring lever in the way. I'm thinking it will shorten the X axis print area.

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Yeah, I haven't seen the MK9 yet. Is that extruder assembly available for purchase from FolgerTech? The X axis print area only gets smaller when using both extruders. Print jobs that only use one extruder keep the original area. I haven't run into a dual extrusion job yet that requires the entire area.

Yes you can.. I had bought a 2nd one for no reason.. lol.. i guess for a backup unit. But thought I'd try to do dual extruder mod. Looks like it wont happen because the lever needs to be mirrored.

I checked their website and it is not listed. But their ebay ad has it. The description says MK9 but the photos are MK7.


Just cut off the lever on one extruder. You can still press down on the top to load and unload

THANK YOU!!!!! EXACTLY What i am looking for! always jump on here before draw up my own! Thanks a TON!

Awesome! Glad I could help. Be sure to upload your make when you're done. I'd love to see it!