Desktop Cooling FAN & LED Light - DeskFAN 3D Design

by Zalophus Jul 13, 2015
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any one know how much to scale this for a 140 mm PC fan ?

it would be super cool if someone could design a small attachment for a servo to go inside so the fan could Pan around, i would do it but have not had a computer in a while, at least the one that i would consider usable

This is a very nice design. Weirdly, you might find that a good 90 mm fan will work better. I've built two desk fans recently, and I found that the one with the larger 120mm case fan is counter intuitively, worse than the smaller one, much worse. The first one I built with an Arctic F9 92 mm fan -- I run it off USB using a DC booster -- super quiet (virtually inaudible in a quiet work environment), very effective.

When that worked so nice, I figured I'd make one even better by using a 120mm fan. The second one is some cheap Antec. Unfortunately, the air flow from the wider fan seems to spread out too wide too fast and so I could barely feel it. I had to build a concentrator (a cone with the pointy part chopped off and hollowed out) so that I could direct the flow of air to my face, but it looks monstrous with this giant cone section sticking off the front of the fan.

Anyway, I say all this because 1) you've got an awesome design, and 2) you may want to experiment with smaller fans as crazy as that sounds, and 3) you could probably simplify the guts by using USB -- you're already using a DC converter so that adds no complexity, but you'd get to abandon the AC/DC stuff. DC boosters on Amazon suitable for a case fan range from $5-8. A 92 mm Arctic is $7ish.