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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Swamp boat

by RCWeinstadt Jul 16, 2015
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I have been looking at the pictures and files for a while and can not figure out how they go together. Based on the files, there seems to be no way for the pieces to fit together. Can someone explain

Is this supposed to be a little tunnel or is the front side of it supposed to be open?

Exactly, on the first photo you can see the joint between the two parts.

The overhang is supported manually, otherwise the slicer fills the holes with support.

what size motor do you use or do you have an updated link? plz help


i used a Multistar 1704-2300Kv V2 BLDC.
The distance of the screws is 14mm.

How do you connecting front part and rear together? I can’t see clearly from the picture that you describe.


you can bolt the two parts with three screws together. This you can see in the CAD picture (third picture in this Gallery). The screw head is in de Battery bay and the thread in the front part of the boat.

how long the steering servo linkage hole to hole distance is?


the distance between the two holes is 22mm (center to center)

how thats even real if the push rods are 25mm?

Oh, i misunderstood you. The discance of the holes in the servo arm is 22mm. the length of the rods are 25mm to connect the Servo to the flaps.

why do i need M2x5 schrews?


you need the M2x5 screws to motunt the brushless motor (to the "Motorhalter")

Kind regards

nice design! I am going to redesign the control surfaces, because I think if the control horn is higher it's much easier to connect it to the servo.


adjusted rudder - Swamp boat by RCWeinstadt
by DanO83

Really nice boat! Feel free to join my new group "Maritime", trying to collect boat enthusiast into one place.

Thanks for sharing this RCWeinstadt. I'm in the process of printing this myself. I've seen a video on Youtube of this in action and it seemed the main concern was with it taking on water and sinking, as it seemed to be heavy. So I had an idea. If you look at the people who have made one, one of them mentioned using some foam on the back to prevent it from sinking. Do you think it would be possible to print the main parts (front and back) hollow? In doing so, perhaps we could insert foam and thus prevent it from sinking, even if it takes on water. Of course, this would mean a redesign of the front and back. Maybe they could be printed in two parts (bottom and sides as one and finally the top by itself). This would mean splitting the two main parts into two again. But it would save lots of filament as there wouldn't be a need for lots of infil/support. I don't know much about boats, or designing objects for 3D printing. So maybe this is a bad idea. But I thought I'd suggest it. Thanks!

Hi PsychopathRC,

The idea behind it was to print the 2 parts Waterproof to prevent water from penetrating.
Apart from the cable channel this is also the case. Therefore, I have the 2 parts also glued together to seal this.

Before I filled the model with foam (additional weight), I would seal the covers of the chambers.
Or at least the inputs of the cable channel, so that the water can not spread in all chambers (Battery, RX & Servo).

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having trouble printing front

Hi Zeusk9,

what are your problem with the print?

wont print the angles on front end/back end if get me i tried using supports as well but no go im using crura
if u have the gcods set up for front and bk be big help

I printed the front upside down and useed some support (only on the bed) for the two holes.

I sliced all parts in RepetierHost with Cura.

Hello! I cannot find the motor for the build. Do you have a suggestion on a similar motor?

Thank your for the help!

Hi Eric_Carr,

the link to the Motor is in the description:

You can also use this:

Or you can use a motor with the same spacing of the mounting holes.
You can also build in a other motor and edit the motor holder.

very nice design. It's rollin out of my printer as we speak. You'll soon find it in your "makes" section.

has this been shelled or is it solid inside? also i made one like it last year but it also has the sides like this and flips turning. it needs a nice angle down both sides so it can drift though turns this straight up n down an d no cage for the prop is the only things that need any real work. great job!

Hi tommy2toes,

Has this been shelled or is it solid inside?
-"I printed the rear and the front out of ABS and with 15% infill."

The idea with the angle on the side is good.
A small radius in the front is already in the current file.
But I will add a nice bevel on the side.

Is this missing one of the rudders or am I just not seeing it?

You've seen everything.
The left rudder is the reflect of the right one.

I uploaded the "missing" one just now, so it's easier for you.

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u cant make a swamp boat and not upload a video of it in action! :)

You are absolutely right. A video will come soon.

It's been 11 months, wheres the video?

Yes, it drives well and turns almost on the spot.

also can you put a link to the propeller? please and thankyou

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