Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Customizable Flexible Toy Train Tracks

by atartanian Jul 17, 2015
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Hi! I am very new to this! What is the best material to print this track in? Thanks!

I've only printed it in PLA, which worked quite well. In PLA it is pretty springy and returns to it's original shape unless it is forced to bend. I expect that it would print very well in ABS too, and might need less force to bend. Other materials could also work, as it's a pretty forgiving design. It would probably be super flexible in something like NinjaFlex. Just make sure you are printing it with a .4mm nozzle or use customizer to make a version for your nozzle diameter. Hope it works for you! Please, post a Make if you end up printing it :D

iPhone 6 is better imho

Having played with these a bit now they work great with most of his trains, but there are a couple that dont like it, mainly the motorised thomas the tank ones. The 'track' surfaces either side of the centre are slightly too low and the trains bottom out on the centre without making proper contact with their wheels. The page below thinks the surface should be 1/8th down from the centre.


Good job!
May I propose a bugfix: height_base - bevel_radius // * 2

Quite right. Updated. Thanks for the bug report! :)

Great job! The female end seems too small for our Brio and Ikea track though....

thanks for the feedback, it's really useful since I don't actually have any brio track to test it with :(

I updated the .scad to have a bit larger dimensions (+.3 mm) on the female end. let me know if that helps!

Yes, that works well now! Thank you.

too fun! can't wait to see what comes of this friendly competition between two of my favorite makers.