Wine Hand

by koukwst Jul 18, 2015
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Thanks for a great idea. Have printed a few and handed it as gifts for friends. Have left a tip for your efforts.Cheers

Is the hand the actually size I need to print it? It's to high for my printer so is there a way I could print in 2 pieces? Thank you for the model.

hey i just thought id let you know that someone is selling this on etsy. here's a link to their store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BadAss3dPrints?ref=search_shop_redirect

Thanks for letting me know!! It is not the first time. Not only I wasn't mentioned but my photographs and most importantly other's users photographs were used. I will send an email to the seller in order to reference and use his own photos.

This is cool so besides .2mm what about wall thickness and infill settings? what did everyone use

3 Layers of Wall and 5 % infill.

What is the best direction to print this? When I print with the back side of the hand down, the supports leave quite a bit of scarring. How does it print with the wrist/flat-side down? Thanks!

The only "correct" way is by having the fingers up. I also have uploaded two models with the hand cut in half.. I don't believe that any other orientation could work.

With the fingers up, do you use supports for the fingers or is the angle small enough that it prints without supports? Thanks!

I only added support in the little piece near the bottom of the hand that connects with the base... there is no other need for supports!

Any chamce of slicing the hand in half?
I can not print as its too tall to print on my printer. According to Cura.

Hello, I just uploaded the hand model cut in half. I hope it works for you. I cut it a way that you only need to glue once. This variation isn't tested since I don't have access to any printer at the moment but I am pretty sure it has no problem. Let me know if everything was ok.

Thankyou. I have just run out of PLA so will have a go when the new lot gets delivered.

how the hell can you connect the hand to the base????

If you didn't change the scale in any of the parts they just fit.

in my print with the 15cm base the lockpin is off so it wont fit ill post made pictures soon

Same here. Any resolution?

Try cut a piece of the lock pin, or even remove it and glue the hand to the base... Sorry but the small base was designed for a user and didn't print it myself

No need for surgery. I used long nose pliers to bend the pin a little bit while pushing the hand and the base together. Nothing broke off and now both are connected solidly.

Not the best way to store a wine bottle (liquid should be in contact with the cork) but cool design!

Snob. Liquid should be in contact with your stomach! Get it right! :p

Great print. Looks great on my printer. Any chance you can downsize the hand slightly? The finger tips of the middle and ring fingers got cut off due to my printer configurations. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again for such a good build.

can you make a cut version model into 2 part ? my area is too small to print it fully

any chance you have the hand design without the wine indent?

Well as I described I got an anatomical model from the free open source application makehuman, cut the hand, add subdivision modifier, made the cuts for the bottle and the base and then rigged the fingers and posed them a little better to hold the bottle. What exactly would you like? If you wand just the hand you can take it as I did and just cut it from the body. If you have any difficulty or want something else ask me and I would be glad to help you.

thanks I'll check that out, I'm very new to this and yet to actually print anything

My printer is too small to print the base. Could you shorten the base to around 160mm max (6.30")? Or could you provide a editable file if available? The hand printed fine, but I need the base too...... Thanks!

Will the smaller hand hold a 750ml bottle?

How big is the full size? I'm supposed to be able to print 200mm x 200mm, but in reality I think that may be as small as 175.

Do you mean the smaller base? I think it will be able to hold the bottle.. I haven't tested myself but you can check the the Made (by other users) or even ask them..

Hello chrisdug. The new version is ready read the description. I will be glad if you test the new model and upload the result.

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As I described I printed it with a witbox at 200 microns or 0.2 mm so I thing that this is a reasonable layer height. No need for smaller height.

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