Floating mount for Gopro

by paoloboni Jul 19, 2015
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The gopro would shake alot in the water no?

You can increas the bouyancy and weigh it down. I will be stable then. Like deepwater oilrigs.

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Please add some detachable "Fins" to the body that may stop Gopro from keep spinning itself. You would mount some arduino based remote controlling device...

Instead could you add a attachment eye? To click on a waterback on a rope.

I wish to you use your design at sea. Waves, current, windy conditions. Attaching a drag bag for in the water will keep it the focal point directed in one direction plus it will not drift off on the wind. Keep it a bit in one place.

Of of course use a mastknot on the ring. And attach the rope directly.

I'll make one. In addition to putting the Hero on a race drone and this one. I'm curious for the footage I can shoot. Really getting exited to try it out.

Too big to be printed

The largest I can make the ring is 70% (sure I could print it) but does anyone have experience with this? will the camera be too heavy then? or our of balance? GoPro 5

I made a design like this a while. I didn't print the ring, I made a curved spike to attach two ends of a cut pool noodle for the ring. It worked great!

But u didnt upload it ?

A 3D printer can't print 100% watertight...

Which is not true. I printed multiple Objects that will float in water or hold water in them without any leaking at all. Just use 4+ shells and it will be fine

Isn't it too big for replicator? would you put an editable file or resize for replicator?

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Amazing!! Uno strano incontro ...geniale!

Un'idea geniale! Bellissimo!

Fantastico mi piace tantissimo

Che figata lo stampero subito Grazie Mille ottimaidea

Troppo bello lo stampero subito

Great idea! Love it

I always needed something like this! Great thinking