Terminator Genisys - printable

by machina Jul 19, 2015
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I had trouble printing the tubes that came out from the nape and jaw, the slicer has left beds with no material in the nase of those hoses and in the ball higher up.
With this problem, the head was left without these hoses was very beautiful


Beginner here, could you possibily give some printing instructions please?

Thank you so much :)


It prints with no supports, 2 shells and 10% infill should do the trick; 0.2mm layer height. If you want it to print faster, 0.25m layer will work.

For fine layer height, 0.15 looks very good.

File will print nicely at 75% or 50%, although at 50%, watch out for the supports under the chin, they may fall during printing.

When done, don't forget to remove supports from under the chin: 5 of them(one of them is very small).


What about Top and bottom Solid Layers?

Sadly I couldn't get the supports under the chin to print properly. they were too small and the extruder would eventually knock them off :( Tried even at 30% speed setting but no luck

Could I print this hollow and cut a slot in the top to make it in to a 'Piggy bank'?

Would it be structurally viable?


Thank you for the info.

Can you provide it 'without base' please?

What happened to the mesh?? my original was alot smoother before their remix and now yours...

T-800 Single and 3 Piece High Detail Head
by Geoffro

The mesh looks effed up lol.

Snapped while printing on both sides (here: http://i.imgur.com/tzYNRgL.png). Was printing from PLA, 1.2mm walls, 5% infill, scale down to 70% :-/

Same issue. There appears to be some issue with the model at this point. Still looks ok but lacks a little. Might try the version Geoffro linked.