Big'O T-Rex!

by freakinhuge Jun 14, 2011
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The slot widths seem to vary from about 5.33mm to 6.63mm - which makes it tough to resize for a particular material thickness. That probably doesn't matter much when you make it from compliant materials like cardboard - but with wood or acrylic, you're either going to be filing the slots to make parts fit - or it's going to be rather loose and wobbly.

Im lovin the Big 'O T-Rex! nice job :)

what size material did you use to print this at ponoko?

Each file is on a P3 sheet.

Err. That sounds like there was alot of sheets... trex-1.eps and trex-2.eps are each on a total of 2 P3 sheets.. :-P

Ask and you shall receive. 8-)