Majora's Mask "HD-Mega" (5mm LEDs)

by lucidhack Mar 3, 2016
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I know it's probably asking a lot, considering the amount of work you've obviously put into this, but is there any chance of getting hold of the fusion360 (or .step or whatever) file for this? I'm looking into making a fairly complex build using Majora's Mask, but it requires a lot of alterations which can't easily be done using .stl files :( figured it was worth a try asking!

The mask file seems to be corrupted. It won’t load without an error message or crashing whatever program is trying to open it.

I know you gave us the scaled size of the horns but you should just scale those up and include them in the files. Would make things easier

any chance for the instructions for the lights? Gonna try to get this done before Halloween. Thanks for the model it prints really well

I actually didnt use supports on the main mask file, and it still printed perfect. Great file!!!! 141 hours.

Will you update this in the future?

love your stand idea, i made one of these masks and wished it had a stand or something, love the led light idea, definitely have to make another but with your design, looks amazing

will somebody print me this i will pay them

paypal venmo whatever i need one tho!

When printing this model, did you need the supports on the inside of the model?

Overall, the mask "almost" prints well without the need for
supports. However, there are still a few problem areas that do
need support, regardless if you are printing the single horizontal
piece or the two separate left and right pieces vertically. In either
case, I would recommend generating support, with a low threshold
of 15 degrees (in relation to the print bed). This will prevent a lot
of unnecessary support from being generated, and will ensure the
main trouble areas are supported. Refer to the new picture for
example preview of supports (5th picture over).

hey, could I make this and sell it?

make me one id buy it

how much would you be willing to pay?

I don't really know. I'd think Nintendo might have an issue (or someone else). Consult with a professional before embarking on any serious business venture.

Do you have a file for the horns?

it's me or the mask-v4 file does not work

I just downloaded mask-v4.stl (file size: 208,667,084 bytes). I opened mask-v4.stl with "netfabb basic" from http://netfabb.com and did not notice any issues with file (model was displayed properly without error). I sliced file with the most recent version of Slic3r. Slicing did take quite awhile, but no issues other than slice time (10+ minutes on my very old machine).

Try re-downloading mask-v4.stl, and compare your file size to 208,667,084 bytes. Then open with netfabb and see if you are still having issues.

I think overall filesize is an issue. It will not open in Cura (lulzbot edition), it crashes cura.

Might be worth sectioning the model into smaller parts in netfabb and then trying again.

great looking model.
so this is more full size then or is it oversized?

I would consider it full size, not oversized.

Very nice update to you model, lucid. Even the readjusted the screw mounts look nice through the scaling process. How much of a size difference is there between the HD-Mini to the HD-Mega?

"HD-Mega" is scaled up exactly 5/3 larger than "HD-Mini" (HD-Mini scaled to 166.66%). That is from simply scaling the model up from 3mm holes up to 5mm holes. I tried to keep the file size down, but at full scale anything less than 199MB seemed to start showing the faceted surface. The "HD-Mega" version roughly covers an adult human face (with a fairly reasonable Interpupillary distance). Unfortunately, the overall shape of the mask would make it difficult to wear "as-is" without adding some sort of foam backing to conform to the face. The idea with the new screw holes at the center of the rear side of the mask, was to allow bolting the wall mount to the mask, before hanging on a wall screw like a picture. You could also bolt the mask to the desk stand as well if desired.

Very nice, i like this one a lot.

Thank you kind Sir!