Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Ergonomic Guitar

by superwoodle Jul 20, 2015
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It's a bummer this has a non standard neck pocket. What were you thinking there?

I didn't and don't have any aftermarket necks. Also there isn't an official standard for guitar neck mounting.

While Fender’s® neck heel is pretty common, since I was making a neck from scratch, I designed my own profile.

Such a shame this doesn't use something like a Fender or Ibanez neck pocket. There are so many aftermarket and replacement neck options out there that could make this an easier project.

Hi, in the model there is no place under the bridge, how is it possible to attach it?

You will need to modify to add mounting for your bridge type.

The un-stringed version of your model looks like a 9 string guitar! You know the ones with the tuners at the bottom of the guitar instead of them being on the headstock but on the bridge? Super rad! That's something that the band Meshuggah would use! I wish I had the printer to print it! Its super metal!

What kind of neck do you use for this print ...fret count ect.....

Both were custom from scratch. The blue guitar has 24 frets, 25" scale length. The Orange one was 25"-25.5" with a straight fret at fret 7. I don't have the model for the blue one, however I might have the orange model.

Can it actually plug in once all the hardware is in?? if so where should the cord jack go?? while printing this i have not found a place for it? .

There are two locations for potentiometers and a standard input jack on the Body_Lower.stl. There are channels for running wires throughout the parts.

Hi! I printed this model, and it's sound!


But when i put the strings and tune the guitar i see that the body was curved. I'm printing new model with four holes in the central part for has it more strong.


That great that you made your own. I've tried using carbon fiber rods for support, however, I still experienced bending issues. You could try metal or larger carbon fiber rods, I used 4, 8mm diameter carbon fiber tubes used on quadcopters.

I haven't had the chance to make a new revision with central supports. I do plan to to make a new version when I have extended free time, possibly this fall.

Plus the file is broken for me.

Well this is disappointing, i was going to tip for the great design but without a neck, i guess i'll go with another design and tip them instead!

Please? i really want to get going on this model here.

can you post the neck files?

Comments deleted.

Oh, and layer height as well?

A couple questions.

What was the infill percentage used?
What printer did you make this on?

The core piece wont fit in my build area without standing it up in a weird way. In doing that, I will have to use supports which will make for an even longer print. Are you able to redesign the core piece so that it is cut in half length wise, or will that compromise the strength of the guitar even further?

Hey Psyrus,
So the original design had was not strong enough to last very long, and after a few weeks had flexed. I tried to create a new version with carbon tube inserts and a core in two pieces, but I had issues with the print splitting and it still had to much flex under string tension. I'm thinking that using a wood core as an option, but found a good design that is easily build without special tools.

I don't have the settings the Blue one was printed with, since it was made a few years ago, but it was printed on a makerbot replicator 2 in PLA.
I printed the Orange body with %50 hex infil on a Makerbot clone with a smaller bed in ABS Hatchbox.

Hello superwoodle!

Very cool design, stellar idea!! I have just started an online business and would like to use your Ergonomic Guitar as an example of some of the cool 3D printable designs people are making, and I'll be including a link going to the model here on thingiverse where people could download it. If you want to check out the company, it's www.brightenideas.com.

Just let me know if you are cool with that.

Best Regards,

[email protected]

Hi Josh,

That's great! Feel free to link to and re-use photos with links of the project.

Just make sure that you note the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license and make sure that it won't cause any problems with your company, since the guitar shape is from Strandberg Guitars AB. See http://guitarworks.thestrandbergs.com/2013/03/01/design-licensing-permissions/

It you're just referring to this page, it should be no problem.

Best of luck with brightenideas!

Hi, I'm planning to print this guitar. which kind of neck should i use ? is it ST style neck ?

I made the neck from scratch, I'll upload the solidworks file if I can find them. It's non-standard so you can't use an of-the-shelf neck.

Hi, I am currently printing this amazing redesigned .strandberg and was wondering what parts you used after printing everything. Could you include a parts list in the description? Great work, Great design!

I just picked up the hardware on ebay. If you plan on printing it, the center core part needs to be reinforced. I printed it with high infill and it flexes when you try to tune it, to the point where it was un playable. I made a second version with carbon fiber tube reinforcements, but the body still needs more reinforcing. I'll upload the v2 with solidworks models

how did you mount the bridge for the strings? also where did you find the hardware like was it a kit?

Just some generic 6 string bridge, probably was around $10. Actually, I think I just drilled holes in the body for wood screws and used a piece of metal as a ferrule plate.

I think the bridge will need a direct reinforcement with the neck. Otherwise the force of the strings will bend the plastic. Maybe it would be best to build it like a neck through and just print the wings.

You're right, I made a second version that had carbon fiber rods in the core without luck. I'm still planning to make a design that has high strength and simple construction.

That would be awesome! Thanks!

Nice!!!! did you make it with ABS or PLA??

how long should this take piece by piece

Took about 30 hours to print