Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Triangular Baseball Display

by LokusArts Jul 21, 2015
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Can you add the Mariners? Thanks!

I was wondering if there could be a taller version of the plain one, so that the flat area can fit more text. I have been making small 2-color plates to glue on with dates or player names and it would be nice to be able to fit taller text or 2-lines. I love the fact that the stand prints so quickly so I don't want it huge but enough additional height to add a second line of text please?

I'd also try avoid making it huge and creating a bunch of waste, but I've just uploaded a taller version with the same horizontal footprint :-)

If my calculations are correct it should hold about 15x43 mm plaques, let me know if that's enough!

PS: I'd love to see your collection in the "Makes" :-)

Can you pls do the Dodgers? Thanks so much!

Any chance you could do the Rockies?


There you go! Sorry about the delay, lots of other projects these days ;-)

could you do a Red Socks and a Yankees?

Done! Hope you like them :-)

Hey, I'd loved one for the Cubs too when you get a minute. Thanks!

Well, I guess I asked for requests so I'll honor even the ones I can't quite understand... enjoy ;-)

Can you make one for Royals?

Sorry for the late reply - I'll try to squeeze it in tonight! It won't be the actual logo though, just the name in a fancy font - hope that's okay :-P

Yes, that's fine. Thank You!!

Will you make us one for the Cardinals? We would be very thankful!

You are so awesome!

I'd be happy to :-)

It will just read "Cardinals" in a nice font though, if you want the original logo you will need to do that yourself (for private use)...

Can you make one with the Cleveland "Indians" font on it?

I'm just using an open font that looks similar to the typical jersey fonts, if you'd like that no problem! Uploading designs based on original (copyrighted...) logos would put me in a tough situation, but you should be able to add it yourself which is legal - Tinkercad has good STL import, for example :-)
Let me know if you need further help or if I should just make one with my regular font ("Buffalo Nickel")!

Can i print it with no words on it?

Sure thing, just select "baseball_display_plain.stl" under Thing Files!