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3D Catan Round Game Pieces (City/Settlement/Road/Wall)

by Popsicle_peon Jul 21, 2015
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hi!! Very good job. But what are the walls for please?

I had to go back and check. Here's what I found:

These are incredible. Thanks for sharing!

hi Peon, may i ask, how did you printed them out with every details? For example the 6th pics above,the castles in purple, even the gaps between flagstones are visible. here is the thing made by another user---http://www.thingiverse.com/make:150584, i've measured the base diameter, it's 14mm only, i am so curious, what makes the result in such difference?

3D Catan Round Game Pieces (City/Settlement/Road/Wall)
by fredX

Hi Gongjiaji, to make sure the details came out on these, I had to print them quite slowly (~20-25mm/s) and make sure the extruded with was not too high (<0.44mm). My printer has a 0.35mm extruder, but if you have a 0.50mm you may not be able to achieve your desired level of detail. I printed many extra parts trying to tweak the printer settings and model, so you may have to try a couple of test runs.

If you have trouble with the tall features, I'd suggest printing at least 2 at a time. This will allow the previous layer to harden before the next layer is added.

You could try to scale the model by 1.07 which brings the base to 15mm, so all the features will be a little larger. I designed these at 14mm because my printer is not very accurate sometimes, and I didn't want them to push the hexes apart if their circles where printed too small. The hexes' circles are nominally 15.5mm.

I hope this helped, let me know if you have an more questions.

I really appreciate you can share your experience with me. You are so kind.

I will try more to achieve my desired result, i'm sure your suggestions are useful.
Btw, which printer and software are you using?

Thank you very much ,

Thanks for showing interest in the parts! Hopefully I'll get some free time soon to write a more formal set of instructions in the main page. I'm using a Leapfrog Creatr (http://www.lpfrg.com/creatr) with Repetier & Slicer. Sometimes I'll use Cura to do the slicing, but I've found that cone shapes and tapers will have problems when using this software.

If you're interested in making the seafarers expansion, be sure to check out the ships I posted a couple of weeks ago (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1008456)

3D Catan Boat / Ship for Seafarers Expansion

Beautiful. Did you make that from scratch?

Thanks! I designed these in Solidworks with some inspiration from Belle's castle for the city and a building from Age of Empire 3 for the settlement.