Bowden Tube Clip

by walter Jul 27, 2015
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Fits perfectly on the stock Ender 2 extruder coupler. Thanks!

Great work! Thanks. Scale this thing and it fits perfectly!
E3D V6 Clone: y=140% x=140% z=66%

Fits the Ender 3 perfectly - complete with satisfying "sssscHWOOP!" sound :D

Fit stock CR-10. Thanks!

Information for people willing to use this design for another size of couplers, diameter of clip is 5mm and thickness is 1.5mm, just scale it proportionally in X and Y for desired diameter, and in Z for desired thickness:

Just the perfect size for E3D Bowden Coupling for plastic. Thank you!

perfect fit for the ender 3 extruder side fitting, printed and fit without resizing

I needed to increase the Z by 28% for my Ender 3. This took the thickness from 1.56mm to 2.0mm which gave me a snug fit (Bowden clip slightly forced out which will cause a solid clamp). FYI, my extruded filament is 0.395mm diam. Great little design BTW. Thanks for sharing.

Works great in Ender 3! Thank you!
I've heard squeeking noise during retraction recently and I've noticed that the holder near the extruder was streching by 2mm at every retraction, I used the wire to finish the print and the next one was your clip x2 - now all works as it should.

This saved my printer.

Works great on my CR-10! Just saved my life so thanks for this!

Hello, I also have the Cr-10, did they have to scale or does it fit?

These fit perfectly. I cannot believe this was so easy of a solution. Both of my CR-10s are running these right now with no problems.

thanks for the quick answer, which problems have made itself felt with you, with me the extruder jumps, can it be because?

Never had that happen. Only the bowden tube fitting coming out during a print which this clip prevents.

These clips fit the Anycubic i3 Mega nicely, if you scale the 1.75mm model up to 135% before printing.

Thanks for the tip! Scale it uniformly in all directions, or only scale in one axis?

If i remember correctly, I scaled it universally. 140% might be a tad better, even.

Doesn't seem to fit the e3d v6 1.75 version

It will fit if you scale it down 66% in the Z. This model is 1.5mm thick, and the E3D V6 1.75mm.

would you recommend this on both ends of the tube?

The bowden tube clip is moving, because this is the way to release the tube out of the clip. (The tube can be pulled out while the clip is pulled up). So keeping it up on this way means the tube is in released state. So I'm not sure if it is a safe solution. Have you tried to pull out the tube while this clip is on? If you can, it's a problem.

You have to press down to release, so this is not an issue.

Comments deleted.

This clip is so good, it is the recommended one for my printer "DICE" ( dice.well-engineered.net ) now.

Well done. This was exactly why I switched to a threaded version on a clone on my Toranado.

Is this designed for the 3mm or 1.75mm version?

I needed to know too, just tried it.. This is not for 3mm. Although my bowden thing looks different than the one pictured. Posting for anyone else that comes across this.

Well done Walter this tiny details on the E3D v6 bowden version is indeed really annoying. Was shamelessly using a small piece of wire wrapped around the bowden thingy. Many thanks

I have to say I have never noticed a problem from this but I do think I have seen it bob up and down while printing, perhaps it does interfere with the accuracy of the retraction?