Shroomies (electronic tea light holders)

by alanaaa Jul 23, 2015
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The twisty one is the only one I have been able to print properly. On the others it prints the first few rounds (the little dots) it produces gummy dots and I have to abort. I have tried letting it continue but it only gets worse. Am I missing some settings? I am using Cura Lulzbot Edition and Mini 2 printer.

Great design! What CAD software do you use?

Old one but good!!! Thanks for sharing. I have printed the Urchin version so far. You mentioned support on top but it also need on the bottom. No biggie. Printed out great in white. Doing the base now in red... once done I will post a make. And I am using PLA, but it doesn't matter. : )

I wish these were updated. The tops print really then no matter the material. And it's a pain in the ass to get the support right for the first few layers.

Updated in what way?
This design does require support- that's the nature of the shape. I print them using a rather expensive abs that breaks off cleanly.

I printed with ABS 0.2mm and supports over the bed limited to an angle 85° and above.

I printing without support works, too. In that case the top of the mushroom may be thinner at the top if bridging is bad for the given setting. However if you mainly use the lamps at night it is totally worth it to avoid support, even if the reduced support settings only apply some bottom layers and a pillar in the centre. The bottom is also not flat and it will bridge there, too. So again, if you want something that looks good over the day go for support.

Printed the cellular one (my favourite) at 100% and 150% size on a Anet A8 and they came out very nice. The 150% sized preview in Cura looked a little technical at first, but the printed version looks great.

Great design. I love it!

Hello, I think your twisty-top design is damaged. I tried to upload it onto Cura, and it stopped the program/ being so slow. And, I could not get it to get me the g-code.

Hi, I don't use cura myself, but was curious when I read your comment so I downloaded it and gave it a go...it sliced fine for me and I was able to save a gcode file. It did take a little longer on the fine setting but still managed well. Maybe give it another go after a restart (?)

What kind of slicer program do you use?

I'm using the program that comes with UP plus 2 printer.
(Sorry for the late reply!)

Hi, these look great. I'm going to print them to see if the Chillovean lights from the STARLINGwatch.com work in them. I used netfabb Basic 7.4 and Sli3r 1.2.9. Both complained about manifold problems in the Cellular_Top.

What software did you use to make the models? How did you apply the textures? Thanks!

Rhino-didnt use textures.

I meant how did you apply the pattern to the mushroom top? They're really pretty.

Were the ones pictured printed in ABS?

Yup, I'm using the UP Plus printer and the best result i got was with their proprietary filament. (Also used the highest quality settings).

I tried printing the cellular one ! and for some reason it not printing right . im using cure to slice .

hmm I had another look at the file and it does seem to have some issues. It prints fine using the generic UP slicer-probably because I had "unsolid model" ticked. I'm working to fix the issues-my modelling software just isn't been very cooperative.

Good and simple design.

thankyou :)