Klöts (Quick shoe ties)

by Kart5a Jul 23, 2015
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Me encantaron y funcionan al 100% lo imprimien una tronxy xy2

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I'm gonna make a pair of these when I get home from school

hi, i love your design but i wanted to improove it a little bit so i build a little ubgrade.If you want we could contact each other so that i can send you the files.
I am also a student and i love such ideas.

great work!!
Theo from germany

by the way it also reinforces the construction so that they can't open themself anymore.

did ya still remake it like anyone would do?

Hi, nice work...i have also the problem that they are opening themselves after a few steps. Gut i will try the version with Magnet installed in Klöts. This should work (◕‿◕) Thanks for the tip (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ I printed them with Anycubic I3 Mega. Greetings Sascha

So I love the idea! Awesome thing! BUT.. how do I tie them? I watched a video and read the description, I get the gist of it but when I tie them like I think is right, I am left with a long string of shoelace at the end.. what do I do with that? If I put it in my shoe its uncomfortable, cutting it off would kinda feel wrong.. any suggestions?

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this is really cool i printed it on a cr10 printer and they work great i use them everywhere


I guess I have a blackout but what do you need the strip(s) for?

My guess is that the strips are like decoration. For my black shoes with white trim, for example, you could print the main part in black and the strips in white. In theory, if you did not glue the strips to the main part, it could change color with your clothes.

I'm trying to print a pair and when I load file into software it only printsd one side. It shows both sides but only prints one side when I send it to my printer, any ideas?

Improvement suggestions:

  1. increase the tolerance.
  2. angle the edges so that it slides together like this //
  3. close off opposite ends of each so that you can only put it together one fitting over the other.
    This will stop them coming undone.

Gonna do this myself but thought I'd share as these are your idea

Hello! Nice version!
For me and my printer the tolerance has been just right at least. It might vary between different printers. In my design I didn't want to close off opposite ends of each because I wanted them to be as easy as possible to open and close with both hands (and both ways). My design should really not come apart if they are installed correctly. I have been using these for 4 years now and they have opened only twice while doing sports. I think that tolerance doesn't even matter that much. Closing mechanism is working so that the tension is pulling Klöts apart from each other. Ramp like shape makes sure that tension really pulls Klöts apart and not bends and flexes.

Really nice design tho :) Hopefully it works better for you :)

thanks haha
well that's the beauty of rapid prototyping, you can try out ideas within an hour

i am printing it as soon as my printer gets fixed

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great design and so easy to use . i have a few tips for people with issues that i had.
1 randomly undoing ... i realized i had not read the instructions properly. The flat side the side that sits on the print bed has to face out if used the other way round they will keep undoing.

2 not fitting together / lots of sanding . i found if you tidy up the pieces and lightly scuff then warm up both parts over a stove or with a hair drier.(does not require lots of heat but a little just to slightly soften then slot together once cooled there work perfectly with minimal sanding.

I'm sorry, but they opened up, when I was sitting calmly in the office. That is a no go. I printed them with a Anet A8, 0.2 layer height, PLA and 60 % filling. Better look for an alternative.

You might have installed Klöts wrong. Make sure that you have flat side pointing up and there is enough tension to pull Klöts apart from each other :)

why not design an alternative yourself?

did you have the flat side facing out?

really simple and it work great :)
thx !

They work great mine required no sanding!

I must be missing something, mine keep coming undone. I've fastened them the same way every video shows and as soon as my foot flexes one way, they pop open. I'll try them on different shoes (Currently using Merrel walking shoes) but I can't see how they'd stay!

Does anyone use them with boots-type loops? The horizontal ones rather than the vertical holes?


You might have installed Klöts wrong. Make sure that you have flat side pointing up and there is enough tension to pull Klöts apart from each other :)

thanks for this design, i love it.

I realized there are a few pairs of shoes that I no longer wear because the darn shoe laces were too tight or too hard to adjust or came undone too often.

i printed out enough for 5 pairs and now all my shoes are as easy as slip on and snap.

How can shoe laces be too tight? Wouldn't you just stop pulling on them once you felt them getting too tight?

horrible no castra bien

The models seem to be very buggy. Every time I load them into my XYZware (garbage required proprietary slicing program for my printer) there is a large spike that comes out of one piece on the 5-hole one. This is very likely not supposed to happen, I don't know what to do about it. When I load this into my Tinkercad (CAD program) there is no spike, but other minor glitches are present. Any fixes?

Looks cool BUT why does one have to do so much sanding to get it to fit. I printed 4 Sets so sanding here we come :p So not much praise.

However as the design is very simple it would be easy to redo in Sketch UP.

BTW I printed the main parts at 0.2 with 25% fill.

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I printed these in .1 layer height with 100% infil. Made two sets and after a good half hour of sanding the 3 holes ones, I have been able to get one piece together.

They seem nice and functional but either I'm missing something or this is just way too much sanding necessary to get them to fit. I'm going to trash them all and hope for a better file or info.

Don't do 100% infill, I just made that mistake as well. There is not enough give to them, I am trying with 50% and will update you as soon as it's done.

do 3-4 perimeter shells with 10-15 infill, its not infill that makes it sturdy. Im doing my own, too much cleaning :/

That would be great info!
I actually played with the scale a bit and got them to fit however one is looser than the others. I spend a LOT of my day running and although the left one is a bit looser than the right, it has only come undone 3 times in the last week or so that I have used them.
All in all I love these. I just wish I had saved the scale settings as I printed a bed full of different sizes and just played with all of them until they fit.

Awsome! I use them in my jogging shoes. They work perfect. I have been using them for 2 months.

I printed this out over six months ago. The print was tight and took significant sanding but once that was done they work perfectly. I should have placed a comment before but I thought after my experience this might be of use. I wore my shoes that had klotz to the airport. One of the screeners asked me about them which made everyone in my line look as I demonstrated how easy it was to put my shoes back on. There were several oohs in the group behind me. Not just for kids! Very good design and very useful!!

awesome design thanks.

But the 2 parts are to tight to bring it together for me..

any ideas?

fix overextrusion.

They where too long for me. When i bent my shoe it would hurt my foot. Ive made my own and better version.

Why not post a link to possibly help some other people out?

because that would be helpful haha

Do you have a recommendation for what to do with the extra laces? The instructions say to shove them in the shoe, but that gets very uncomfortable very fast.

cut them and superglue the ends

Thanks. These work great for running and Crossfit.
I'm not lazy, what I really like about the klots is that there are no hangings laces. They also pop to other people eyes ;) Nice conversation starter.

I printed the strips in another color like you suggest in your pictures.

To prevent the klots from popping apart, turn the flat side up and pull the laces really snug. If they're not snug the klots will pop loose.

Buy a back of 10 neodymium magnets, sphere magnets work best 1/8 in diameter , use 1/8 drill bit to drill 5 holes on each side in relation with each other, use a dab of flex glue in each hole than pop in your magnets, make sure they are snug. Sizes just for reference, use whatever works best for you
These will never unintentionally come apart again, they also snap together really nice..if you flick your foot just right they click themselves together lol.
Had mine in for almost a year now with no issues.
Hope this helps all you Kloters out there.

Hey, sounds like a great idea. Would you happen to have some pictures of the make?

They work great and I really enjoy being lazy with these. The only problem is that they keep loosening and pop apart. It's most likely that I use them on high-top shoes that they keep doing this, but I also think it's that there is the continual friction between the pieces that contributes as well.

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These would be amazing for people with physical disabilities!! I love this!

Even better, if you put magnets in them so that they snap together like someone mentioned, it would be effortless for people with disabilities.

lol this is great, no longer will lazy people have to tie there own shoes

are you working on self tightening model?

Klot 5 files is not working in S3D...Makes a bridge over the holes...

I printed out two pairs, they fit snuggly together, but I am a bit perplexed as to which way I should orient them. First thing I noticed was that there is a slight curvature to the Klöts, and so that curvature must be implemented to accommodate the curvature on top of one's foot. However, this is contradictory to how they are oriented in the main picture/thumbnail, which is the only official picture of them in use if we are to consider the original designer's use the "official use". In the main picture they are oriented with the curve facing upwards, and if this is difficult to tell I suggest taking note that the lower jigsaw shape on the pair of Klöts belongs to the rightmost Klöt. Since each half is symmetrical, they only way to orient them in this manner is with the curve facing upward.

So my message to Kart5a, which way are these intended to face? Is the curve supposed to accommodate the curvature of our feet? And if so, why is it not displayed this way in the only photo we have from you? Unless of course one of your printer's axes are reversed, or you mirrored the design before printing. Just looking for some clarification on a minute discrepancy.

The curvy shape is supposed to accommodate the shape of feet. It is because of few things:

  • The pull of shoelaces will be away from each other not down -> reduces some stress
  • It makes sure that Klöts will better stay in place

Thanks for your comment!

almost a year in and still no input as to what knot to put at the end?

A good knot doesn't come undone. Any should do.

If you're a maker, which you are, since you're on this site, you know how to use the internet. Further, you know that you need a knot.

Look up "how to tie a finishing knot" on your favorite search engine.

klöts 4 model is bugged on UP ! software, impossible to print ...

All of the versions are!

I know! I wanted to print one, but it was so bad and bugged when it loaded in.

wow this is a fantastic idea - style and ease aside I see a huge impact for these as an assistive device (e.g. people who have arthritis, struggle with fine motor skills, etc). if you don't mind i might spread the word on these for those populations - this is a neat thing for people who don't have those issues but for the people with these struggles this can be a very helpful thing.

thanks for sharing!

So simple, yet so innovative. Awesome idea!

moi, mie oon joskus kattonu sun videoita ja ne oli tosi hyviä, ja olen saanut sinulta ja parilta muulta tubettajalta idean että ostan itselleni joululahjaksi 3D tulostimen jonka kasaan itse. joten.. suomi mainittu ja thingiversessä tavattiin?

What settings are recommended for ReplicatorG Sailfish Software?

Object Infill
Layer Height
Number of shells

So most people leave the end of the shoelaces und tied with no knot? Also I think having a regular knot on top of this defeats the purpose of the klots.

Please correct me if I am looking at this the wrong way.

I believe he means to tie a knot in the individual laces so that the laces don't come back through the klots, he doesn't mean to tie your shoes after lacing through these. Hope I helped clarify

This is so freaking awesome! Can I put these on my website with attribution and pay you when people print these? I run a print for pay service and I think these are going to do really really really well! http://www.engag3dprinting.com

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Thanks 4 sharing. Ok, i downloaded this set of files, then what? I think i should place them on an SD card, eh? But the rest if a mystery to me...how do i actually print it on my machine? any clue? Кстати - я тут прочел, что кто-то одевал эту обувь - потрясающе! Здорово!!! вот-бы научицца еще принтовать... буду очень благодарен за любую помощь, я, хоть и являюсь продвинутым технарем в компьютерах, но в этом - полный профан. Заранее благодарю:) мне зимняя обувь не нужна, я в Майями, а вы? мне-бы сандалии или что-то типа этого

You will need a slicer software. I am currently using Cura. You can download it here: https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software . First you have to open the slicer software and drag STL files in. Then you have to adjust settings that you would like to use. Slicer software will create a g-code file for you. G-code is like instructions for your printer. Then you give the g-code to your printer (I am using SD-card) and it should be able to print what you wanted.

Hi, I'm using cura also. could you post pics of your settings or upload your gcode somewhere? that way we can get the profile settings from the code. thanks

Thanks:) really appreciate it, will play with this now, i already dragged the files into the software and saw the shoe lock, but not the shoes... its ok, its enough for me to start experimenting:) Thanks again

Boss hahaha I love them! I have one pair of Salomon mountain shoes completely destroyed but because you just pull the cord I still using them so now new horizonts are coming hahahaha
PS. I already did a video of how I tie them. https://youtu.be/yUwoCbo4_E8

Great item, just printed a pair and been wearing them around the house to test.
Made a minor error - I glued the strips on the wrong side (I occurred to me once fitted that they are shaped to fit the foot. doh!)
reprinting the strips now.

redone, correctly and worn for a few weeks, great item, fast to do up and undo,

What Du you do White The end of The laces ?

U mean what to do with the end of shoelaces? I am used to just put them into shoes :)

Could you please Make one for 6 laces.

Sure! I Will make them in few days! :)

I was wondering if the Klots for 6 lace shoes ever got made or uploaded anywhere? Thanks!

ждем варианты на зимнюю обувь )))

Такой, творческий вариант персонализации своей обуви. Очень здорово! :)

Большое спасибо! :)

I went ahead and printed 1 of this to see if I could figure out how to tie this

and now...

I am convinced that all the pictures on the "Made" don't show how its tied because they are not and just hide the loose ends and if one of them is in fact tied is with big spaghetti ball knot

I can make a video tutorial how to tie them! :)

That would be fantastic! Thanks!

Hello Is the Video tutorial in the works?

I made a knot but its not as secure as I want it and there is no point in using them with a regular shoe knot on top.

hmmm.... customizer version coming soon? I would love to see this with options that would let you have more/less holes and a longer/shorter body depending on the shoe. I am printing a couple sets of these for the kids. Does it make me a bad parent to put these on their shoes instead of making them tie every time? <--- That was a rhetorical question, I don't care because these are awesome.

I am planning to make some variations but not sure about customizer version! I could do it sometime :) Thanks for comment!

Any chance someone could explain how to tie these?

I will make a video tutorial soon! :)

especially when the string of shoe clips to leverage the gears of the motorcycle .. and try to put the foot on the ground .. :(
Great Thing ;)

Thanks you! I will make it to the list of pros ;)

Call me short sighted but I dont understand how to tie this?

U can do it! :)

Отличная идея!!!

Большое спасибо !!! (Hopefully it is correct)

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Genius! Wondering how to adapt them to boots...(military/combat style)

In love with the idea!

Thank you! :)

Printed out 2 sets, using them daily, they work great!

if anything they dont come off easily, you have to file them off a bit to make them fit together.

Good to hear! :)

If they were too tight try to calibrate your printer. They should fit straight after printing!

Do these come apart easily? I'm thinking about printing these for my running shoes but I don't know if they will undo easily and tangle to strings

Same message to you too:

They do not undo that easily. There is a simple reason for that. When they are tied up together there is force pulling klöts against your shoe and apart from each other. So if klöts are tighten correctly they won't come apart. I and my gf have used these for sports and normal use for half year and they have never had any issues.

I'm really tempted to try these for my roller derby skates. How resistant are they to impact? (we get knocked around a lot) If there was a skirt on one side of each of these pieces to protect the joint would it make them harder to undo? I will get scheming...

They do not undo that easily. There is a simple reason for that. When they are tied up together there is force pulling klöts against your shoe and apart from each other. So if klöts are tighten correctly they won't come apart. I and my gf have used these for sports and normal use for half year and they have never had any issues.