Swimbait Fishing Lure

by jakejake Jul 25, 2015
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How do you get the hooks in?

Cura adds supports to my bb chambers anyone know how to remove them?

You need to switch supports to "only from table".

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Quick question: how do you add the bb's in the lure? I cannot find any holes or anything to put them in.

You have to pause the print halfway and add them. Look at the last picture.

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il faut l'imprimer dans que sens ??

Infill 15%, I put the sinkers after 70% of the printing (while it prints), I used:

  • A tweezers
  • Fishing sinkers (n°3 0.24g*10)

This is a test but for the diameter the n°3 are just fine.

Can you jig with this? Like vertical fishing from a boat or ice fishing?

Just made one. Thanks for uploading. I can't wait to finish it and try it out.

I watched a youtube video of someone using this and I thought about trying to get one printed at a local library.

Would you consider doing a design which comes in five different separate & separable sections ? This would require modified rotation parts that would be held in place with an axle, either printed or thick wire of about 1/8 inch, or maybe a 2mm screw which could be 'tapped' into an axle. This would also require all the rotation parts to have a hole through which the axle would go, which can be incorporated in the design. It certainly would eliminate all the breakage problems, of which I've had a high (90%) failure rate, and would probably provide greater flexibility for the lure. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Jakejake !!!!!!!!

Just a quick question. Lure prints great, but bottom (the side being supported...the hotbed side) does not come out smooth once support is removed. This is mostly aesthetic I know, but is there a suggested set up to minimize this? Using CURA 15.05.6 ? Thank You.

If it is not on the support check your advanced first layer settings such as the initial layer height and initial line width.

Mine are 0.15 mm (layer thickness) and 200% (Initial layer line width) .
Have you successfully printed this?..If so, what are your settings for these 2 parameters ?

Hi Bohn,

I know this is late, and might not even be right (I'm still new to 3D printing altogether!) but I believe the best benefit would be tinkering with support settings, namely the distance between the model and the support structure. It sounds like yours is too narrow and having more contact than necessary. Unfortunately I use Simplify3d and do not know the names/locations of the settings in Cura, but maybe my limited insight might help. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

If you have printed this, what are your parameters for: distance between the model and the support structure ?

Thank you for the neat design! I found printing the lure with PLA was very much more successful than ABS.

I printed and it printed perfectly the first try. If it didn't work for u pry printing it flat. I'm planning on making 3 more and posting a video of them on YouTube @The Kid Wilderness

I am using slic3r settings could not print the swimbait with cura the swimbait always breaks. Its very hard to print.

Thanks, i'll try slic3r then!

Please at own risk its hard to print. Good luck

I want to try this out so bad but no matter what I do... it always breaks right at the axle of either all joins, or just a couple. I've tried 15% infill, 30% infill, 0.2 / 0.1 quality, abs and pla. I dont know what is going wrong... i've even tried heating it before breaking it at the joints... Maybe somethings wrong with my Cura settings? I even tried a remixed version, still same results.

printing on masking tape (and glue stick for better adhesion) helps for these kinds of prints you can peel the tape up and use a putty knife under the tape and it works fabulously nine times out of ten.

Tried to print several with pla when bending they all broke.
Changed the scale to 1.03 and position X to 90 to print from its side.
Now the Lure was printed fine.
Thanks awesome design.

I will try this also, same issue. Thanks!

Hey just an FYI.........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw30tWT0UCs
is this your design this youtube user is selling?

I have designed my own swimbait on SolidWorks. It looks pretty much the same as this one except for the hinges. Mine uses split spring pins and is totally flat with chamfers instead of round corners which makes printing a breeze. Does this mean I cannot sell them.....of course not. Anyone can draft a flat swimbait like this and sell it. There is no patent on it, and I doubt anyone will get one. If someone drafts a design exactly like mine and sells it, there is nothing i can do.

Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate you looking out for that sort of thing but that's my video, jakejake315 is my user name on YouTube!

For people having trouble loosening the print, user captowel has designed an interesting remix featuring conical hinges. The geometry makes a hinge with less overhanging parts, maybe give that a try:

I am also working on a v2 that will address this issue, along with some other suggestions from the makers! It will be done sometime this summer I don't know exactly when I will have time for it.

Swimbait remix

Ive printed this and turned out great and have been trying to loosen it up so it moves freely but isn't getting any looser? Can anyone help?

Is there a way to make the joint connectors smaller or the hole bigger? because whenever i print the project it keeps sticking together and won't move at all. Please help!

Is there any way you could upload a cad file? I want to size this up huge and use it as a sea striper lure, but to do that (for strength) I think it might need one change. I want to put a hole in the back like there is one in the front to add strength for the treble (stripers here can weigh upwards of 20 pounds)

Made a remix to do exactly that as I have the same concerns. Here ya go: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2385058

Swimbait Fishing Lure (remix with eyelet on both sides)
by corsara

Thanks! I am curious however.. How do you edit STL files?

Imported to Fusion 360 as a mesh, then converted to solid body. Then I did the modifications. It's not ideal, usually solid bodies like that are very difficult to work with, but it works sometimes.

Hi. Im newbie with 3d printing. Im wondering how many top/ bottom layers are u using and how many shells? Do i have to put those hook rings also in during printing pause?

Are the BBs a must include or does the lure work well without them?

Jake - what Z height do you pause at to get the bb's in?

I checked the file, it looks like 6mm is a good pause height, good question

I found Bass Pro Shop did not carry the rear hook or a weight small enough to fit. It turns out craft stores such as Hobby Lobby do sell small hooks and beads which fit perfect. If you are having trouble finding supplies, check a craft store.

Great looking lure! Have you tried to scale it up or down, or tried to paint it? I'm thinking about trying one for striped bass fishing, but it'd definitely need to be scaled up and the hook would likely need to be reinforced with a thru leader or something similar.

Thanks! I have not tried scaling it yet. The hinges right now are fairly loose in order to break it up after printing, so if it were to be scaled up those might loosen too much. The rear hole for the hook can probably be drilled out to put something more substantial in.

I didn't have BBs that would fit in it, so I used bolt cutters to cut bits of a small nail and put in the slots. Worked pretty well for me!

Has anyone attempted printing this with glow-in-the-dark PLA? Might be an awesome night-fishing lure for catfish here in the South. I think I will try it myself and see how well it works.

That would be sick! Update with results if you do that!

I did make a set of 6 glow-in-the dark white/blue PLA lures. Gave away 5 for Christmas, and kept one for myself. That one had the treble hook directly inserted. I turned up the infill to 30%, so the lure would glow longer and sink faster. I will be using it tonight to test it out.

How did the glow in the dark lure work? Debating on what color to print this in and would love to know if glow in the dark actually worked alright.

It worked, sorta. That ZiRO filament held up through lots of casts and even one snag. Problem is, I tried night-fishing in the Pearl River, on the Louisiana side opposite Picayune. Something big destroyed the lure. I was using 12-pound test line. I am guessing the eye broke, because I got the metal clip back.

That needs to be beefed up, for sure.

Something big destroyed the lure.

That sounds like a success to me!

Success in attracting fish, for sure.

Did you insert the BBs after the print or during? and if during how do you get them to stay in?

Could you make a new revision and have the hole one one side thinner ? The walls are to thin and I find out that they crack when catching a bigger /medium fish.

How are you attaching the hook? I see one end has an eyelet for the string, but what is the hook attached to on the other end? Thanks!

if you check the description, I list the hardware needed for the lure. I believe the part you are asking about is the "fishing lure screw eyes" basically a tiny screw that threads into a small hole on that side.

This is a realy nice design ,but I am frustrated, I cant print the lure, in the first layers (5 or 6) the small parts(not the supports parts) get pushed out by the extruder tip, when travel side by side. I dont know if I have bad the support setting or something wrong. I had never printed with support, is my first time. I use repetier host.
I hope you can understand my poor english.

Hi vichito, you can try a few things. The first would be to use a raft in addition to support, which lays an initial layer that the smaller parts will stick to better. Or you could use denser support and elevate your part from the build plate, or try printing the lure with the thin side facing down.

Ok thank you jakejake, i ll try this next week and I tell you.
But, why the tip extruder hits some parts when is printing?

That's probably because the 1st layer isn't sticking to the bed and instead curling up. It happens to me sometimes.
Maybe try adding glue + heating up your bed to help the 1st layer stick.
Also raise the bed so the gap between nozzle and bed is barely enough to get a sheet of paper tightly pass through.

did you use BB's from an air rifle or split shot?

I love it! I've been planning on using my 3D printer to bring in some interesting elements to my fly tying and this was good reminder. Summer seems so far away

This may be a silly question, but I am fairly new to the 3D printing world. How did you assemble this? Does it print the hinge pieces along with the main parts, and then you assemble them, or how? I love this design and would also love to have one

This lure prints as a single part, the trick is to bend the printed piece and the joints will work loose.

i printed mine standing up

it broke when i tried to bend it for the hinges

any suggestions

This is an awesome design. How did you get the BB's to stay in during the print? Every time I put the BB's in they get jiggled out or get pushed out by the extruder tip.

Thanks! It "swims" in the direction that you retrieve the lure. I found that just by giving the bait loose hinges, the drag of the water naturally causes the lure to wiggle.

Does it swim vertically or horizontally?
I love it by the way