Heavy duty Vibration damper for Leapfrog Creatr

by Maxxi May 26, 2013
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Thanks! Working like a charm! Printed with PLA and just put them under my Leapfrog. :-)

Works fine... also keeps the printer off the carpet and hence the air ventilation ducts open... nice!

Thank you :)

Doesn't this transfer the wobble back into the machine though?

I'm not sure if I get your question. The motion of the printer doesn't degrade the print result.The people living in the house will be gratefull to not have to listen to the noise which gets transferred via walls and floors.

You can compare it with jumping and landing with stretched legs. It hurts and is very bad for your knees compared to landing with bent legs(damped).

I agree that the sound dampening factor is a good one. However without a dampener the kinetic energy is transferred into whatever it's standing on. Which is what gives off the noise.

When adding a spring like structure to the feet, some of the kinetic energy is transferred back into the machine leading to increased shake. My worry is that over time it could damage the machine or worsen the print quality.

Professional production machines are often bolted to the floor. I don't think you'll see any professional machines using springs. The kinetic energy will simply cause the machine to shake itself to destruction over time.

My worry is simply that adding the springy feet will not just reduce the noise level, it will also lead to a more shaky printer. :)

I think you are wrong assuming heavy machines is just bolted to the floor. The support structure might be bolted to the floor but most heavy equipment has vibration dampening tech built in. Can go from frame flexing to metal mesh dampening etc... (I used to work with heavy CNC machines and seen various methods to achieve this).

When you speak of kinetic energy you must take in account that much energy, which would have been transferred directly to the belts, is now absorbed by the damper. This should lead to less wear on the printer components.

Hmm very interesting... I can just see from the washing machine I have, which is placed on a rolling board (space issues), that it's shaking itself to death when tumbling. The rubber wheels act as a vibration dampener and it's killing it.

In that case you'll need to replace the springs on the bottom of the drum, or in case of an horizontal machine, the upper springs and shock absorbers at the bottom. ;)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5Huj6WcJgghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

Looks great :) - what are the recommended print settings? ABS or PLA?

I printed them with ABS, 2 perimeters and 20% honeycomb infill. The infill % doesn't matter too much, it'll be as good as solid infill whatever you pick :)