Printable Town House 1

by ArchitectureKIT Jul 26, 2015
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Think this would scale 300% ? Thanks !

What tools/software can be used to create these models?

Hey, I want to print this for a school assignment. Can you please make the windows and doors into two separate files? They don't fit in my build volume on 200mmx 200mm at 200% res. If not, could you please tell me how to do it myself? I don't have any CAD software, so I could use some pointers.


It's very beautiful, but is this designed to be printed at 100% size, or enlarged?

I'm having a huge amount of post-processing to make all the slots large enough to fit the pieces.

Are the files now updated ?

please i need to know what software you use to design this house , autocad , 3ds max or what
thanks in advise

i printed all the parts but it didn't work out , they don't fit together !!

printed the house and lot of pieces will simply not fit, to roof for example. Can you provide the original to fix this?

I dont seem to be able to slice this, the floor_beams.stl has self intersecting surfaces, even netfabb cant fix it. Im using simplify3d to slice it, printing onto a flashforge creator pro 3d.

A self intersecting surface is where one cube touches another so that the face of one is in the same plane as the face of another, the problem seems to be at the intersection of the beams, the cross connecting beams need to be slightly wider than the gap, so that they are intersecting the other beam, so that the faces dont have tbe same coordinates. Not all intersections are effected.

This is a stupid question..........How are you creating this in order to print it? What software are you using?

What file are the side rails for first and second story doors? I might be looking at them and not see them. can you help

do I need to use the roof beams? they are to big to fit in my printer

I'll add the roof beams in separate files.

do i need supports

No you do not need supports to print.

bonjour super travail je vous remercie du bon boulot

very nicely done... Love the detail!