STANDARD SIZED - Universal Spool Holder

by jjpowelly Jul 27, 2015
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Love the design, but I'm having trouble printing the spools. Whenever it gets towards the male threads at the top (printing vertically) it breaks free of the brim on the bed and just turns into a glob... Printing on an Anet A8 with a v6 hotend, cooling fan on 100%, PLA at 200 degrees, glass bed at 60 degrees. Any clue what I need to do to fix it? The rest of the frame prints perfectly.

Any problem printing the 110mm small rods in the vertical position? Doesn't look like a lot to adhere to the bed.

Great item!. Printed it on my CR-20 Pro without any problems. I love the modular design.

Great design? When I saw that the rods were not hollow inside - my eyes jumped out! This is madness!

Maybe try printing with less infill? 10% - 20% is more than enough. It looks like you are using way more than that?

Try? It's fun of course, but I don't want to spend a lot of time and filament again. ))) I use what is already printed! )))

Does anyone have information about the thread uses, length etc?

I must say that this thing is impressive. Real nice engineering. Thank you sir!

I don't normally take the time to comment on anything. This design does buy its effective and usable quality demands I put my 2cents in. I'm not easy impressed at 69 years old but this really impressed me. It has everything needed but rubber feet to stop movement on a polished surface.
A little tip not related to the spool holder. If you need to lub plastic of any type use WPG (White Petroleum Gelly) if your looking for bulk buckets of 1Lb. If you don't mind the smell use Vaseline just a bit purer with the Metho added. Use very sparingly as a little goes a long way.

A great thing I have been looking for just this. Printed mine no supports and at 20% infill no issues at all. Printed various sizes for the rods and seems to fit most of my spools. Now printing a second base and top for my second printer.

Great design! I need to print one using my Flashforge finder. The Standard Big Top Base and Spinner arms are too big for the finder. Can you please modify this so that it can be printed by parts and joined later when printed?

NO SUPPORTS! This is a great item, thank you to the creator. But, like others have asked but haven't had an answer, it does NOT require supports. Learn from my mistake. The support material in the threads is nearly/actually impossible to remove.

Easy to print; works wonderfully, thanks for creating this. I love they retained nuts and the holes to hold the end of the filament!

Great design. Thanks

How do you print with non-manifold edges?

Great design and very clear instructions! Thanks a lot!

What a great design! Excellent!!

Really really nice. Works like a charm. Went for the standard size and followed your indications and... perfect! No flaw!
Many thanks!!

Hello, how beautiful your reel holder,
maybe you can be interested in my project, it's a printer lamp, which extrudes a resin,
what do you think, thanks hello

What settings u recomment for printing spools in PLA ? :D

Any chance you could make a 115mm big and small rod? It's for a multi-color spool: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00D68E2IE/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The nut on the Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm doesn't screw into the Big Arm. The big arm screws into the Standard_BigTop_Base_Arm

Thank you, I am looking forward to printing this

Don't Fit the Colour Fab 2000g Reels

So anyone have a work flow to successfully get the Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL to work correctly in Slic3r Prusa edition? Really wanted to start these overnight to have for tomorrow but I have the same problem everyone else has with missing geometry in Slic3r. If a third party tool like MeshMixer is needed, could someone lay out the steps needed to fix? Also what infill are people having success with?

Really like the way this was designed and hoping I can get one to successfully print on my MK2S.

I was able to repair the spinner arm file using meshmixer. I just imported the stl file, clicked "Analysis," then "Inspector," then "Auto repair all." Export that file as a new stl and you should be all set.

Omg Donnelly,
I haven't seen Meshmixer before, and now I am a huge fan. Thanks for the tip and the quick fix.

You the man! (I think). That worked, thank you! I've been waiting weeks to hear from the original designer or anyone else who had a solution. Hopefully this helps many others who are having the same problems with these designs using Slic3r.

Any comments on the minimum allowable infill?

Yeah I sat with half-made spool holders for a while trying to sort that out. I print these at 25% infill which feels nice and solid, but I bet you could drop to 20% without issue.

I plan to hang these sideways from some aluminum extrusion, so I wanted to make sure that the thin curved sections can definitely handle the weight of a 2kg spool.

What fill % are you using?

Same problem as Valentt!

I had the same issue but used the repair tool in meshmixer and the problem was solved. make sure you use the original stl file and not one you previously tried to repair.

Hi guys, I can't slice and 3D print file named "Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL". It looks like 3D model has some issues. I tried using slic3r and Cura, and both have issues with this model.

Here is how it looks like in slic3r - http://imgur.com/a/jrNZm

Okay I understand all of the info however on the center diameter of the spool how are the rods sized or are they undersized a bit? In other words my esun spools have a center hole of 52 mm and I would use the the standard base arms, the spool would require 75 mm rods but how is the center hole of 52 mm addressed?
Are supports needed? I think it would print with bridging over the center hole but wanted to see how u all were doing it.

Comments deleted.

It would be cool if you made something in the prusa top so it would click on the top and you could also click it off and click in another filament

This was a very satisfying build. Just one note: the holes in the spindles don't work with 3mm filament. Rather than hacking the STL, I just dropped one on my drill press and drilled it out. But if you ever mod these, you might want to consider one set of 1.75mm holes and one set of 3mm holes. Still, very, very satisfying. I'll be mentioning them in an upcoming article.

I can't print the 50mm rods they have no tips , I tryed 4 times nothing work, I try small and big to all of them have no thread to be screwed on top of them ... i used s3d with 50% of infill

Excellent design. Works brilliantly. I printed mine with a 80% infill, this made it a bit heavy on the plastic, just shy of 200g. I will definatly be printing more as required.

Hey do the rods need support for the thread part? If so, on the inside, outside or both? Thank you!

Hello, can i use for a roll of 10.5 x 30 cm ? thank

Printed my first one, great design!! Working brilliantly, will be printing more as necessary. Search no further for a spool holder.

Printed my first one, great design!! Working brilliantly, will be printing more as necessary. Search no further for a spool holder.

That is an awesome setup! But my build area on my Deltaprintr Go is too small for this :-(

do u recomend print it with PLA or ABS? how much infill? Tks

HI! I like a lot your design, but I was measuring my spools and the inner hole is about 25 mm. It won´t fit, right?

Hey, great spool holders! Just printed my first one and I am truly in love with the design. Amazing job!

Hi, the top nut on the small frame needs a slightly bigger lip. It is trying to pop out of the hole. Thanks, Larry

Thank you for making such a cool stand!

So these looked GREAT - I was able to print them on my prusa i3 and they seem to work pretty well! However, I ran into a BIG PROBLEM! When I went to print the "Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL", it turns out the that lower right spinner was missing most of the body! I checked the STL in "Slic3r" (because I didn't look at it all that hard when I generated the gcode) and sure enough, most of the lower right spinner body is MISSING in the "Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL" file on this site. Any chance you can fix and upload a newer STL or something? These things look great and I would love to give them a whirl! Not to mention, I've printed all the parts for one unit, just that my spinner arm is incomplete at this point. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Ok, it looks like I figured out this problem. If I open the STL file in Slicer, it is missing the bottom right spinner, but if I open it up in Cura, the spinner IS THERE! It must be a bug in Slicer! Thanks again for the great spool stand!

Yeah, slic3r has had issues with these STLs for some reason... I've redone them and uploaded them again and it still happens... NetFabb and meshmixer do a good job fixing them though.

Hi guys, I have same issue. I can't slice and 3D print file named "Standard_BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL". It looks like 3D model has some issues. I tried using slic3r and Cura, and both have issues with this model.

Here is how it looks like in slic3r - http://imgur.com/a/jrNZm

I'll post a make as soon as it's finished

Hi Jason, thank you so much for the amazing amount of work you put into posting these for us. Very much appreciated.
Just to give you all a chuckle, when I was trying to print base, my printer would shut down with an over temp warning on the extruder, as soon as it got to the second layer. Yep, it turned out that I'd entered 400 degrees for my hot end temp ... Doh!
Just goes to show, no matter how much experience we have, we can still mess up occasionally :-)

In your description Hatchbox has 63 mm, but the filename says 73. Which one is correct?

It's a little confusing because the rods are labeled based off their end to end measurement, however, the arms take about 7-8 millimeters off their length... So you always have to take the measurement of the spool and add about 8-10mm for it to fit correctly.

I may have been wrong with the description... I'd say go with the file that I actually named HB or hatchbox... That should be correct... If you're hesitant, just print one and see if it's the right one before printing the other.

So for Hatch box I would print all three of the 73 rods?

Awesome design. Indispensable. Thanks.

Could you upload the stp files?
I need to make some adjustments to print it and my Catia doesn't open the stl.
Thank you!

I don't think I can do STP from Solidworks... Any other fomat you could use?

IGS, Catia or SolidWorks would work for me too.
Thank you.


thanks for this great design :)

I encounter a little problem .. with slic3r git or 1.2.9 64b for linux (cannot try with windows version) the stl BigTop_SpinnerArm.STL seems broken .... 14576 errors and the right small part lack "polygons" .. there is a lot of "Unable to close this loop having 1 points" messages in the console. The SmallTop spinnerArm don't throw errors. Could you please have a look, i've printe the others parts :)

i have the same problem.
when i sliced, the bottom left is messed up!
i'm using repetier host with slic3r.

Try opening It up in free CAD of something and then reexport the STL through that.... You're first person I've seen have this problem

I've opened and exported trough Freecad and it's better but far from perfect, there is missing polys. the freecad console says "
The mesh data structure has some defects"

I will try to bug a friend with a windows slic3r ^^

same problem with windows version of latest stable slic3r ...

redownloaded the file and same problem.

What bot are you using? When I get home I'll slice it up for you and send it to you... PM me

Thanks for your advices, now i can print this stl :)

I got the same problem, how can i fix it ?

Ugh I got the three rods printed out, then realized that my print area is too small to print the arms. Doh!

Try rotating them on x and y in the slicer.... I have a FFCP that won't fit them at 90 degrees but will just barely fit them and works when rotated about 23 degrees

Doesn't look like I can do it on a 109 x 113 x 116 bed :-(

PushPlastic.com has large 3kg spools have the following dimensions..

outer spool diameter = 266.5mm....................
inner spool hole diameter = 38.5mm...................
spool width = 90.6mm

any chance you can work something up to work with that..

Try my new Oversized one... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1001359

OVERSIZED - Universal Spool Holder

Printed parts today but was not pretty results as parts moved on the bed - oops. Oh well I think it will be recoverable with a little work and I'll reprint the posts one at a time.

Yeah, try to make your first layer slow on all the parts... None of the parts have a lot of first layer surface area so going 15-20mm to assure goo adhesion is worth it, it won't add too much time to your prints...

First layer is 50% speed and the model went well for 2 hours before things went bad. I had the side with captive nuts as well as three 110mm rods. Looks like a rod came loose after about 20mm high and you can imagine the results lol

I'm at work so wife stopped the print for me, and I think the end was far enough along to be ok with a little work to clean it up.

PLA or ABS?? The rods will be tricky, especially the skinny ones - if you go 3 shells on the skinny ones, it's all shells and no infill... If you have this problem again, I suggest bringing your bed up a spin or two to really jam the filament in the bed... Or just up your temp for the for few layers... But due to everything being circular in nature, you shouldn't get any warps...

ABS with 25% infill and 3 shells. Normally I run the bed at 115 for 10 layers then drop to 105 and even my led covers hold fast which are a 2 shell 12mm diameter base so very little area to stick to the buildtak bed.

I'm not sure what caused the item to come off the bed so I'll try again when I get up tomorrow after night shift. I'll just print 1 rod at a time to avoid issues, but the design looks great so far.

BuildTak is great stuff... I'm surprised you're having issues getting ABS to stick to it... Yeah, just print them separately...

correct me if i'm wrong, but this isn't really universal. you have to print different parts for each size spool you have?
how about making the triangle sides a little bigger (to get the spool up in the air) and then you only have to print 3 rods.
make the size of the rod fit the small spool hole (because it would also fit a larger spool hole.)
that would then be more universal because any size spool will fit on these without the need to print specific size.
awesome design though.

You have the option of doing that... That will work... You can just print 90mm rods and the two arms and it will fit every one... But I like everything lining up and being more clean looking. So I added a lot of sizes so, if you want to, you can get a perfect fit...

I also ran into the issue that if I made the base arms to large, a lot of people would not be able to print it out due to their build plate not being large enough... So I wanted to keep them small but still big enough to hold almost every spool... There's really a design/engineering trade off you need to figure out when you're dealing with these machines and their inherent constraints... I do, however, plan on making bigger arms to fit bigger spools in the near future.

Thanks for the info.. i will give the 90mm a go.

I made it fully universal now with three sizes... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1001312

The Universal Spool Holder - Main Page

excellent design!!
I'm from Argentina and I have a bigger spool and i cannot used it.
My spool is:
215mm diameter (OD)
width 70mm
inside diam 30mm
I tried to scale your design but then I have problems with the internal diam or thread.
can you do me a favor and modify so can fit my spool?


I could fix it, it shouldn't be too hard... Give me a little while.

Thank you!

I made an oversized version... This will work for you...


OVERSIZED - Universal Spool Holder

Sorry by my delay but I had a personal problem.
I will check it. It looks awesome!!!

Again thanks!

You're right, I just need to extend the arms and keep everything else constant... What is the build area of your printer so I know how big I need to make it so you can print it??? Once I get it done, I'll message you, and send you the STL so you can test it out for me... If it works out well, I'll add it on here as another option.

yes, the arms and the center rod diameter (my spool has a 30mm ID). My printer has a building area of 200mmx200mm and 170mm height.
thanks, you are great!

Fantastic looking upgrade, thanks very much for taking the time to design and share.